After Biden's first year, the virus and disunity rage on


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More people have died from the coronavirus under him than Trump, inflation is up, he he sent the FBI after parents who didn't want their children being taught their racist... but at least we don't get mean tweets, right!?

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@Wobot: Nothing to do of course in the 2 month period between losing the election and Bidens inauguration where he effectively sowed more seeds of discontent, abandoned his office and divided the country even more than he had done in the previous 3 years and 10 months??

Easy to knock down a building with dynamite, Takes a lot longer to rebuild. A job Biden will not complete, but I hope for the country's sake it's somebody from either party other than Trump.

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... Oh and @Wobot, Inflation is up EVERYWHERE if you hadn't noticed, and seriously, Tweeting the garbage he did?, Hardly a responsible use of social media by the leader of the free world.

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More people have died from the coronavirus under him than Trump

Is that because he took away the vaccinations? Or was it because he forced people to not wear masks? I forgot.

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All people seem to care about concerning Biden is that he is not Trump.

His insipid incompetence is insignificant, as long as he is a loyal Democrat, nothing else matters.

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Danielsan: That only goes to show how polarising Trump was. Personally, I don't care, I'm not American. You wanted Trump, this is the end result. Left for somebody else to repair from Jan 2025.

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Polarizing? What can be more polarizing than refusing to accept defeat like a man - instead engaging in ridiculous conspiracy theories and lies - like Hugo Chavez (dead) helped steal the election.

And what could be more polarizing than to continue to spin these lies, even when your own Attorney General said there wasn't any fraud, you failed to prove it in court 61 times, and your own handpicked audit firm stocked with your own supporters couldn't find any fraud, and uncovered more votes for your opponent.

And you have these lies amplified by a propaganda network, with a bunch of kooky talking heads who were knee deep in advising and colluding with your administration.

And this entire effort is just to fleece his supporters out of their money.

Welcome to MAGA-world....

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