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After massacre, New Zealand leader shows resolve, empathy


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Very much agree with previous posters, Ardern's been dealing with this tragedy with great strength and decisiveness. Clear thinking & swift decisions, she's been awesome; honestly didn't think she had it in her.

Ardern & Morrison (and other oz pollies tbh) are clearly not in the same league.

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Jacinda has been the rock that has held NZ together during this tragedy.  When you see her in a hijab hugging Muslim women you know it comes from her heart.  This is not a photo op - this is someone who feels their grief.  This is someone who deeply cares. 

Trump sent his "sympathy and best wishes" to NZ.  Best wishes?  Like on a birthday?  Jacinda in her call with Trump said to him to show compassion and sympathy to Muslims.  That must have annoyed him.  Particularly from a woman.

Across NZ people have been filling sports stadiums in shows of support for their Muslim brothers and sisters.  NZ people and Jacinda Arden are everything that Donald Trump will never be.

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Her leadership has set the tone for the whole response to this. She's barely mentioned much about the incident itself or the perpetrator. Instead she's focussed on the innocent victims, with a display of respect and genuine care rarely seen from a politician in power. They were just citizens of her country going about their daily business after all. She's stood up to the gunman with a fierce determination and resolve to deny him the attention he obviously he craved in her country. Extremely impressive leadership and what we hope for when we elect them, but rarely get.

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Are you paying attention, US of A?! Learn something!

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Knee-jerk reactions toward law-abiding gun owners coming in 3...2...1...

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What a great leader! She is one of the world's finest and most gracious world leaders around today. In an age when stupid idiots and corrupt brutal despots are in power, PM Ardern is an inspiration and a ray of hope, optimism, and light for us all.

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