After rocket fiasco, N Korea may test bomb: analysts


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Hopefully this big and obvious FAIL will lead the people of NK to revolt and put in some kind of democracy.

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Not a chance. North Korea is lead by the military.

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If they can't get a rocket launched maybe they can start testing and blowing up their own country! They get nukes and irradiate everything! Like early man discovering fire! It blows chunks that nations still think of barbarism and control! Yes a revolt! How long can NK masses remain under oppression before they have to be cannon fodder to gain freedom! When do you fight back? When your down on your knees with a rifle at your head? Surely not!

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"The humiliating failure of North Korea’s much-publicized rocket launch on Friday may push the hermit state into testing a nuclear bomb in an attempt to save face, analysts say," says this article. But even if "analysts" say it, it is speculation. They may or they may not. Since this is the second North Korean failure to send a satellite into orbit it is more plausible that they will try to launch a satellite a third time before they do anything else.

There is no question that North Korea is a totalitarian and poorly run family business. But the hysterical fear that the Western powers have generated over its last missile launch and what it might do in the future is stupid. This is a poor, politically weak and technologically backward country. It cannot even successful launch a satellite. It is not even at the 1950s Sputnik level yet.

If North Korea poses any danger it is local and limited--border incidents for example. This realistic way of dealing with North Korea is rational diplomacy that will let North Korea come out of the cold. This probably will not bring democracy to the North Korea people but it will give the rest of us peace of mind.

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Off-course they are going to do a nuclear bomb test. It is the only logic progression of the unfolding events. As I said in an earlier post, it would have been better if the rocket would have been a success.

Right now the leaders look like fools who spent the cost of one year of food supply for 19milion people on fireworks. And in doing so they also confronted the nations who were considering sending food aid.

Now, In their minds, the only option left is to show the world that they are a nuclear power that can not be fooled around with.

If they had oil, the American drones would already have been buzzing over head a long time ago, to take away their MWDs.

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