Learning to spot Russian, Chinese and Iranian meddling in other countries can help U.S. prepare for 2024

By Bruce Schneier

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latest example.

5mil USD "well spent" by USA before elections in support liberal parties and fight"against russian disinformations".

sure result not good for them so antipropaganda follows.

how abt that?

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Social media needs active countermeasures against disinformation 365 days a year.

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Countries trying to influence each other’s elections entered a new era in 2016, when the Russians launched a series of social media disinformation campaigns targeting the U.S. presidential election.

Really? They're still pushing that? The country that does the most interference in other countries' elections is the US, by far...

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Haha, a funny joke

they’ve been spotting it for ages now but pretend to do nothing so why this hypocricy now after the war in Ukraine changed the tables. Just keep pretendding you care.

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Learning to spot Russian, Chinese and Iranian meddling...

What a joke. No country has come close to the meddling of the US in other countries in the last 70 years. Actually, meddling isn't strong enough a word.

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The US is currently not just 'meddling' in Syria; they are literally occupying a third of it. Who meddled in Ukrainian internal affairs in 2014? Remember the US's instigation of the coup d'etat? ('Yats is our man!'). This war would never have happened without US meddling.

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