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America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump


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Was it Trump’s America First or is it the American character, the soil in which Trump grew? I see in most leaders world wide a streak, sometimes not so small, of nationalism. I don’t like it whichever way we look at it. We are collectively entering a Dark Age. There’s enough mud to sling in every direction. Trump is singled out as leader of the world’s strongest economy. Rightly so. It’s not easy being a leader when you also have to pit stops to nations your predecessors gave Carte Blanche to destroy your economy without having understanding as to who you’re giving it to. Are we heading towards a global realignment or simply cleansing? We’re not quite ready to right wrongs because people are not ready to let go of power, money, position, etc. Our own faults will bring us down. The first shall be last and the last shall be first quote is taking effect now as we speak. Let’s see what exists at the end of this tunnel.

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And Canada is ready to join France in imposing a "digital services tax", despite Trumps threats of 100% tarrifs.


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If Trump was not 45th president of USA, America has gone to nuts. China would have the master of this world. It is money what rules the world. Nothing else. China was almost there to become the brutal leader of this world. We Americans thanks Trump for keeping our nation great. The left and the communists wants to fill the lost position of USSR with China. NATO is crying and mocking when Trump asked them to pay the fare share. China is crying when Trump asked for a fair trade deal. It is very clear that Trump is the only person who can save the USA and make America great again. But many haters do not like it.

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Anyone who laments America sticking its nose in the business of foreign countries should be celebrating. No more worlds policemen. The Democrats never stick with America when the going gets tough. No more CIA overthrowing foreign governments. No more nation building. Protect America first. The Europeans can start paying for their own defense from now on.

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No surprise. Many of knew this would be just one of the results of his election.

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And water is wet!

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Well that's good news, perhaps we will have less wars now.

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Making America great again? Or destroying America, according to the whims of Putin?

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“You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” Trudeau said

Who cares what Mr. Two Face says?

“Betrayal process is officially complete,” a Kurdish official said in a WhatsApp message sent to journalists after Trump's defense secretary announced U.S. troops would fully withdraw from northeastern Syria.*

Those U.S. troops and their families don't think this is a betrayal. Trump is looking out for the interests of Americans first and foremost.

“The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to belittle my VERY successful trip to London for NATO,” Trump tweeted after the summit

He's getting NATO member states to start paying their fair share.

Trump’s pullout from the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership, for example, opened the way for Beijing to push ahead with its own alternative free-trade agreement.

Even Hillary was finally against the awful TPP.

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Dunno about the rest of the world 'turning to it (the us) for answers' tbh.

Sure their opinions -as the world's superpower- do matter but, rightly or wrongly, the us have always had the 'bull in a china shop' tag when it comes to world politics, conflicts & diplomacy. You listen to them but do not necessarily follow them (a few nations do but the vast majority don't).

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Of course his influence is waning. They laughed openly at (not with) him in his UN speech. World leaders talk about him behind his back in their gatherings. People around the world ridicule him.

America is a joke under Trump. A complete laughingstock. The world really is laughing at America.

Trump himself used to claim the world was laughing at America. He then went on to make sure that was true.

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America is a joke under Trump. A complete laughingstock.


The world really is laughing at America.

The world sure is laughing at the impeachment circus put on by the Democrats who are digging their own graves at this point.

Horowitz report: No political bias

Riiiiiiiiiiight! If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

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The other world leaders have very little respect for Trump or his policies and gun-ho GOB.

So what, the feeling is mutual. It’s funny how the world wants to criticize this President and the lack of leadership role it’s taking which to his credit, started under Obama. First the world complained we are not the worlds police and should mind our own business and now the world wants us to stick our nose in its business, make up your minds? I personally think that all of these countries should take care of themselves fully and completely and not rely on us to bail them out or take care of a problem they can’t or don’t want to deal with.

America is a joke under Trump. A complete laughingstock.

Yeah, right! Then they should give us all of our Apple and Google products back as well as our search engines, Disney, Netflix etc.

The world really is laughing at America.

We laugh at them everyday, eeeeeveryday.

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Congress laying out the articles of Trump's impeachment.

Yeah, they continue digging their own graves. I can't wait for this to go to the Senate.

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And there is 'wonder' at why would Putin's Russia favor a trump presidency...? Americans are so slow to put 2 and 2 into equation form and even slower adding them together while being told the resultant is 3 or 5 but 4 is NOT the number you're looking for... But Chess is Russia's favorite sport while we prefer to give our young people brain damage both physically and in the premeditated inadequacy of our national education system. And somehow Putin's latent approval of trump and trump's lapdog Russia embracements don't seem to even make 2 for our poor puppet voters. Clinton was/is a corrupt tool of corrupt financial psychopaths whereas trump IS a corrupt financial psychopath who is also a tool of corrupt psychopaths. And there is only ONE current candidate who is a DECLARED and ACKNOWLEDGED ENEMY of these corrupt psychopaths and it ain't bernie nor joe nor junior nor the hostile phone-thrower. But, of course, she is 'unelectable', being a woman.

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The current occupant of the White House has further devalued the standing of the United States of America (U.S./USA). The damage done so far is massive and almost impossible to repair.

If he were to be reelected, further damage would be catastrophic.

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America is a joke under Trump. A complete laughingstock.



Right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z4y8OJxlK8

And: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hne29xkUPbg

They LITERALLY laughing at him. It's not even figuratively.

The world really is laughing at America.


The world sure is laughing at the impeachment circus put on by the Democrats

Well no they're not. And as someone who has been in seven countries in the past month, talking with various people, you are clearly clueless as to just how much the world is laughing at Trump.

The only country that has any significant number of people who don't think he's pathetic, is the US. Even Russia has no respect for him (at least, that's what Russians are telling me).

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Why are they laughing at the man who has brought such economic success to his country? The man who put food on the table of the previously unemployed and sent the stock market into the stratosphere? Are they jealous?

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Why are they laughing at the man who has brought such economic success to his country?

Have you not read the news?

And why would non-Americans not laugh at someone's moronic actions for their economy? That makes no sense, the rest of the world doesn't care about that.

And those of us who know what we're talking about, now that the economy is successful because he's simply ramping up the economy by borrowing money.

It's like someone withdrawing $5000 off their credit card, and partying for a night with the cash, screaming "I'm a baller!"

Yeah, you're a baller. Let me know how things are going when you have to pay off your card.

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For decades, the liberals-leftists-humanitarians loudly railed against US global dominance and influence. Now that it's waning, they're crying again, for the opposite reason!

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For decades, the liberals-leftists-humanitarians loudly railed against US global dominance and influence. Now that it's waning, they're crying again, for the opposite reason!

What? I'm a liberal-leftist-humanitarian, and I'm not crying for that.

In fact, reading through the story and the thread, it seems you just made that statement without anything here to support it.

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