A world changed, maybe permanently, by Ukraine war


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Well said Bronco.

In mentioning the first nuclear test and first moon landing (all American achievements) and deliberately omitting the dates of October 4th 1957 (first satellite launched in space) and April 12th 1961 (first man in space) which put the Soviet achievements on the same pedestal, the author has already revealed his biased agenda.

For him the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a watershed moment because it happened in Europe, affected a white Christian Slavic country and Russia was the aggressor. But the millions who have died in wars in Asia or Africa after the last world war are not really watershed moments because, you know, they don’t fit neatly into the above pattern.

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If something is good, then it must be America. If the Russians, then this is necessarily bad. Where is the date of 1991, when the USSR was able to split up without drowning everything around in blood? And where was the American aid to the young Russian democracy? She wasn't there. And why then be surprised at the growth of revanchism in Russia? What did the world learn from Hitler's rise to power? Lessons must be learned. You have to learn from mistakes. Otherwise, the rake dance will be repeated over and over again.

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The countries of the world are more interconnected than ever before. The actions of a homicidal maniac in Moscow reverberate around the globe.

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BroncoAug. 5  07:30 am JST

 77 years of almost uninterrupted peace in Europe by invading Ukraine, 

What about the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s?

Does that count as "uninterrupted peace"?

The omission begs the question as to whether the writer is intentionally biased or completely uninformed about basic European history.

Which part of the word "almost" do you not understand?

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