Amid cries of 'traitor,' Canada's Trudeau set for ugly election

By David Ljunggren

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While it is good to ensure the rights of minorities, political leaders ignore the welfare of the majority at thier peril. This is typical of liberal progressives and, along with a backlash against globalism, has helped give rise to populists such as President Trump.

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The Liberals have a majority of just 11 in the 338-seat House of Commons and polls show they are only slightly ahead of the main opposition Conservative Party

Gee - judging by this article, the wheels seem to have come off for Trudeau rather quickly.

Love to hear what some of the Canadians on JT think.

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Trudeau's Liberal government was elected with 39% of the votes cast, so while his party got a majority of the seats in Parliament, 61% of the Canadian population voted against them. Trudeau's most popular election promise was to change the voting "first-past-the-post system" to one of proportional representation, so that in the next election government would be truly representative of the majority of voters. However once in power he announced he had changed his mind and would not bring in proportional representation, no doubt because it would force him to form a coalition with another party to form a future government. His support for continuing and expanding the fossil fuel industry while claiming to be reducing global warming has also angered many Canadians who are opposed to expanding oil & gas exports, and who are peacefully resisting the construction of further pipelines intended for this purpose. There is also opposition to Trudeau's support for Israel's policies against Palestinian rights, and for his obedience to America's policies of interference in Venezuela, and of putting the interests of corporations above what's best for people and the environment in world trade agreements. The one promise Trudeau has kept is to legalize marijuana.

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Trudeau has sold Canada out to Globalist's, Mass Immigration, Tax and Spend burdens on the Canadian taxpayer not to mention Political Correctness. Bring on the election we have already seen State elections swing to the right lets hope the Canadian Federal Election goes the same way.

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Trudeau was declared the winner in 2015 before voting stations in B.C. were closed. The fix was in.

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I live about as far west in Canada as you can get - Victoria, that leftist hot-pot capital of British Columbia - and I've been involved in politics for more than 40 years. Trudeau and his Liberal Party are in serious trouble.

And after he's gone, this October, BC's socialist NDP will be the next left-wing party to suffer an ignominious defeat. Both of them are trying to create a green-leaning society in a multicultural country where the average citizen cares more about personal prosperity and the rule of law (not the rule of law makers, like those leadership failures).

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Native (red people) Canadians are the largest racial minority in that country and their government treats them like trash.

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Hhah....The world is laughing at Canada and Trudeau.

This guys very dangerous to the community by letting in hardened criminals from war torn country's

And putting your women and children at risk..

Shame on you Trudeau. ...Shame on you !!

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No one's mentioned the Meng case and its symbolism. While on bail, the foreign multi-millionaire is relaxing in either of her two empty mansions located in the least affordable city on earth with rampant homelessness.

Canada's outward looking, open-door, globalist policies, to which Trudeau and his ilk are closely associated, are having a devastating impact on local people's lives. There are now public housing projects for middle-income people, like teachers and police, because even they can't afford to put a roof over their heads.

Populism happens for a reason.

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