Any Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe

By David Brunnstrom

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Considering our long history of warring, it is hard to imagine that a huge international war would not eventually occur again.  It is very sad that we humans are pretty much destined to suffer a world war lll of epic proportion.  The live and let live credo is obviously dying off.  The only option is to appease The North be going in to help bolster their economy.  Look at Myanmar.  They never hated the Japanese so never had an issue being helped by Tokyo over all these decades, and now they are opening up AND Japan has a leg in over many other nations.  So, Tokyo should get down on one knee and beg for forgiveness to the little fat guy and he will be fooled into believing he won.  Swallow our pride and save the region and the world from destruction...

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there won't be a Korean war. Kim is about as ridiculous as Saddam Hussein and the result of Kim's mother of all wars would be the Sam as Saddam, about 15 minutes and done. but it won't get that far. China is not going to allow this cretin in north Korea to wipe out a third of the Chinese economy, which would happen as commerce is interrupted. and if that isn't incentive enough neither China nor Russia want the US military parked on their border, fully active and occupying. there won't be a war and even if it happened it wont be we2 level destruction.

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It's very sobering reading.

You would be foolish not to consider the worst case scenario, and Japan is very really right in the firing line here.

Let's hope clear and wise heads prevail.

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If there is a war it would be a one sided event, we have to remember how malnourished Kim Jong In likes to keep his people, the US strikes on the North Korean military apparatus would reduce the North Korean ability to wage war very quickly. I doubt the Chinese would intervene they have created too many enemies - Indians, Vietnamese, Philippines, Taiwan who all might see this as an opportunity to slap the Chinese down, Secondly I don't think the Chinese Government would want to involve themselves into something that could knock the Chinese economy remember the 2008 Financial crisis saw around ten million Chinese lose their jobs almost immediately.

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There is no question that war with North Korea would be catastrophic. The calculations of that catastrophe are but the very bare outlines of how terribly everything would change in the Far East for generations to come. That should be the concern of every living person in Japan. If the Japanese government has any sense it should make every effort to stop the probability of such a war its top priority.

Bellicose North Korean rhetoric is nothing new. In reality, it has not gone to war in 60 some years. This could change. It's leadership is not stable under Kim Jong Un, who seems to be living in a political bell jar, quite unaware of what consequences North Korea's missile test could bring. Then there is Trump who is, quite frankly, disturbingly naive about the dangers of a renewed Korean war and who seems resistant to the better reason of others.

We in Japan has ever right to be scared of missiles falling on us. The continental U.S. likely has little to be scared of regarding North Korean missiles. But yet another prolonged and unwinnable war could finally bring permanent damage to the U.S. economy.

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neither China nor Russia want the US military parked on their border...

If they do not want they have to do something. Otherwise, something they do not want will happen.

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