As typhoons get stronger, Asia must build better, experts say

By Michael Taylor

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Anyone reading this while sitting in a japanese wooden shed/house?

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When possible, build on higher ground.

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Or one could build the entire city with buildings two or three stories above ground, with the space below to create plentiful drainage. The sub-structure would be built solid enough to take the battering of such storms, even to let part of the water go under the city. The outer buildings could be built to take on both the wind and water pressure. Those barrier buildings could have walk ways for use during nicer weather. As to the extra cost, consider that building buildings that could surive the more powerful storms is a lot less expensive that tearing down the ruins and rebuilding from scratch. Buildings can be designed more rounded to encourage winds to flow around them rather than squared off and being battered by the wind. Same could be curving the walls up from the bottom as well for the same reason, to encourage the wind or the surf to go around them.

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