Beijing cozies up to Russia, Iran to fracture U.S.-led 'clique'

By Gabriel Crossley and Yew Lun Tian

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The Biden administration doesn't have to do anything. The Chinese government's bad behaviour is already more than enough.

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China is acting like the supervisor who screams and yells at everyone all the time. You have probably had at least one screamer like that in your working life. At first you're terrified but after a while all the screaming is just background noise you ignore. I wonder how long it will take for the CCP to figure out threatening all and sundry isn't going to get them anywhere? All they are doing is turning people and whole nations against them.

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Worryingly for Beijing, diplomats and analysts say, the Biden administration has got other democracies to toughen up to a rising, more globally assertive China on human rights and regional security issues like the disputed South China Sea.

This can't be right, JT's right-wing commenters said that Biden is a China puppet. And they've been right about so many things, such as

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