Color blind? How boardroom diversity data eludes advocates

By Ross Kerber, Jessica DiNapoli and Simon Jessop

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Sadly I think this is being pushed so hard its NOT happening organically as much as it needs to. These funds & companies are going forward with these initiatives to simply cover their A$$ES, they dont want to deal with BS "publicity" & potential law suits.

So sadly will mean a lot of promotions for the undeserved & those who qualify lose out.

Well guess we will see what happens, but I have noticed a TON of human resources stuff that is clearly designed to cover companies butts, they dont have the option to grow this stuff organically so it is what it is

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9% of Blacks have a University degree. That means they are only 1.2% of the US population. Most are in healthcare.

5% of engineers are Black.

3% of accountants are Black.

5% of lawyers are Black.

4% of MBA students are Black.

There aren't many Blacks with qualifications to be on every corporate board.

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