Conservatives criticize Trump, but softly, in code


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Mattis and Mueller are only tow of many who could speak out, and they barely whimper. Nobody in the GOP in this administration has the cojones to criticise this imposter. Those quoted are no longer in government, and he who will be nameless still attempts to enjoin their testimony before Congress. What does he fear, other than the truth?

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The working class under Trump is faring better than ever and the all media can serve up is drivel like this article. What a disgrace. Shows how little the media cares about the average person.

The 2020 election will be a repeat of the last one where the working class will give the media and the elites a collective massive middle finger.

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I don't care if US leadership is Republican or Democrat as long as the little guy is better off under sound economic, security and social policies, which is the case under Trump in spite of his obvious faults. For God's sake why can't the media give credit it is due? The media is despicable. They don't love the working person in the least, as shown by this ridiculous article.

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The 2020 election will be a repeat of the last one where the working class will give the media and the elites a collective massive middle finger.

By electing one of their elites as president again? Hardly a middle finger. Rather, handing him the keys to the castle. Literally about as opposite to a middle finger as you can get.

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In other words, they support him.

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Trump's administration has improved the economy and thus the livelihoods of millions of previously struggling Americans, defeated ISIS thus ending their bloodthirsty slaughter of multitudes, secured the border thus securing jobs for low income workers, limited abortion thus saving countless innocent unborn children from brutal slaughter at the hands of greedy profiteering Planned Parenthood and medical institutions, and more, and yet there is still a concerted Democrat led media effort to smear him with articles like this?

Shows how little they care about the workers, those liberated from ISIS and the innocent babies. Most liberal elites and their media puppets are the new biblical Scribes and Pharisees of this era. The self righteous, legalistic elites who care nothing for the poor. If Jesus were here today he would tear shreds off them and lambast them like he did similar people 2000 years ago.

Of course he might also have a word or two with President Trump regarding his abrasive approach and his misguided support for Israel's ruthless occupation.

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Never been a big fan of Gen Mattis or Gen Colin Powell They ebb and flow according to the political times, and change accordingly. I see few Generals, all due respect, that start a Corporation or even become Directors etc. Too rigid and inflexible. Would probably do quite well in a Japanese company, however.

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