Could life insurance go up in smoke for some vapers?

By Carolyn Cohn, Suzanne Barlyn and Noor Zainab Hussain

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One can only hope. How many would quit or never start if they knew this wretched addiction would deprive them of medical coverage? Plenty, I think. Has anyone ever proposed that the only ultimate answer to the plague of ciggies/etc. is to ban all nicotine products completely? Just vending machines for packs of cancer, no more butts everyone degrading the streets, no more stinking smokers in offices and no more smoking inside anywhere. Sounds like heaven itself, doesn't it?

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Has anyone ever proposed that the only answer to the plague of climate change is to ban all non natural GHG producer completely ? Just imagine ... no vending machine for overproceceed plastic packaged produce, no more plastic trash everywhere degrading the streets, no more dirty air blowing by aircon in offices and no more car anywhere. Sound like heaven itself, doesn't it ?

Just to know which will be your next target group to attack upon if you manage to get ride of smokers ? Drinkers ? Overweight people ? Meat eaters ? Dog owner ? People taking medical treatment ? Senior ? Children ? ...

There is a lot of unhealthy stuff around not just cigarette. There is lot of stuff in street which have negative impact. There is lot of people whose smell will not please you (but can be fine with other). And there is a lot of stuff inside which can be a bother. Everyone has its own view of what heaven is like for the one which think heaven is something, obviously.

Does all of these insurance company provide free support for their customer to stop smoking ? They are big enough to negotiate a big discount.

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U.S. authorities said last month that there had been 47 deaths this year from a lung illness tied to vaping

47 is nothing among all deaths. What about deaths tied to stuffing one's face on burgers ? 47000 ? 470000 ? 47 millions ?

French reinsurer SCOR said in a paper on Oct. 24 that e-cigarettes contain nicotine

BS. A large part (half ? 2/3 ?) of the vapers in France use liquids without nicotine. Insurances just take a pretext to charge more and pay less.

the only ultimate answer to the plague of ciggies/etc. is to ban all nicotine products completely?

That should be done, in theory. BUT that would not end it, as people smoke other crap too. THEN our societies are technically unable to enforce a 'ban' , that would just push the products on black market (US Prohibition was a huge fail).

Another thing is the nicotine patches sold by prescription are a positive remedy, an altern ative to direct smoking for those too adicted to quit. It has rarer side effects than vaping, so it's probably the lesser evil we could use at this point.

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They say, they say. Can anyone believe what the US government or media says, with a criminal traitor/molester/kidnapper;/rapist/Caligula regime that cares nothing about the American public? The internet itself is always badmouthing bananas, or pushing some kooky fad or some stupid idea via Photoshopped pictures and outrageous outright lies. And they've making vaping look cool, too.

Sounds like another Orwellian excuse to con people out of their money to me. Disgusting.

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