Diplomatic dance or standoff? N Korea and U.S. tread cautious line

By Josh Smith

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On topic, I am inclined to agree with a well-reasoned article from Robert Einhorn, a senior fellow in the Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative and the Center for Security, Strategy, and Technology, from the Brookings Institution. In his article, The rollout of the Biden administration’s North Korea policy review leaves unanswered questions, Einhorn reasons:

[The] Biden team would “offer relief for particular steps” with the “ultimate goal of denuclearization.” This suggests that the administration remains committed to the U.N.- mandated goal of totally eliminating Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons capability — and is unwilling to accept North Korea as a permanent nuclear-armed state, as some observers have recommended — but is planning to pursue that goal in an incremental manner, offering partial sanctions relief in exchange for partial steps toward denuclearization.

the Biden administration has so far relied mainly on generalities in publicly outlining the results of its review of North Korea policy, using language like “calibrated, practical, measured approach” and similar formulations intended to be reassuring and unassailable.

This is understandable. The details of the administration’s approach will evolve as it continues its consultations on North Korea, first and foremost with allies South Korea and Japan as well as with other interested and influential states, especially China.

He continues:

[T]he administration’s gradual and selective rollout of its policy review makes sense. It needs more time to consult with other states, seek their support for its policies, and make any needed adjustments. It wants to give itself some negotiating flexibility with the North Koreans.

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But some analysts say that despite its bluster, North Korea doesn't appear to have shut the door entirely on the Biden administration just yet.

That’s smart. Biden is ever so willing to give rogue nations billions in cash to make a one sided deal - in the evil regimes favor - and then make outlandish claims of success.

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