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Fatal U.S. self-driving auto accident raises novel legal questions

By Tina Bellon

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these cars should be off the road until laws are passed and it's clear the manufacturer of the, AI is 100% responsible for the consequences of failure. The Driver is responsible for his or her or Its actions. Since the manufacturer of the, AI claim these cars are viable drivers, then they should be liable for the mistakes, just like every other driver. if the manufacturers is protected or the liability imposed on an owner then the cars, should be pulled off the road. an owner can't be held responsible for AI the owner had nothing to do with creating and doesn't control.

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The video has been made public. The woman was crossing the road in a very dangerous way, but the car appears to have made no attempt whatsoever to stop, suggesting that its sensors completely failed. This matters because had the car braked to say 25mph, there is a much higher probability that the pedestrian would have survived the impact. Unlike humans, auto systems are supposed to have no reaction time. This auto car could not use this advantage, because it looks like it did not react at all.

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There was an operator in the car. He should've pressed the brake pedal before hit as there is a brake pedal. The accident seems his fault.

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Anyone who saw the footage will agree that the woman suddenly appeared from the shadows and an accident couldnt be avoided. It all happened in a split second and who in their right mind would try to cross a four lane road on a pitch dark section of the road with no reflective clothes? it is unfortunate that this woman died but this is more like her fault for being careless and she paid the ultimate price

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It seems that autonomous car's eye sensor is as bad as old human eye. Its vision sensor must be so bad as to be not able to avoid hit.

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