In male-dominated North Korea, leadership prospects of Kim Jong Un's daughter are uncertain

By Josh Smith

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I wouldn't want to cross her. She scares me! If she did make it into power, god help those who were against her.

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The US should brief the North with details plans ,on ways they can be obliterated in detail,maybe then they will come too their senses

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Tell that to his scary sister, a preying mantis looks positively cuddly in comparison.

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Yeah, underestimate his daughter, that’s why he chose her because she’s more like him and that’s a very bad thing, the way he’s grooming her now I have no doubt that she would be a cunning and calculating leader that’s why he’s teaching her now. I would never blow this kid off and all governments globally shouldn’t either.

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"Bottom line: the bloodline, and military and economic development bona fides, matter more than gender in the fourth generation of the Kim Dynasty," she said.

And instead of keeping this regime in check, like Trump did, this administration is meekly watching NK launch missiles all over the place.

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