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Lula struggles to revive Brazil's 'soft power' amid U.S.-China tensions

By Anthony Boadle

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Well it certainly isn't helping things by proclaiming that the US needs to do something for Cuba and Venezuela. Of what relevance that is to Brazil, we may never know.

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Brazil is back.

Lulu the leftist invited Putin to visit Brazil.

The Brazilian government announced they were ignore the ICC as they consider Putin innocent of any crimes.

Brazil is standing up to American colonial domination.

You are joking, right? I admit, that was the funniest thing I heard in awhile.


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He is a visionary and a man of good intentions. His best is yet to come. Worldbuilding is an ongoing and a never-ending opportunity. World leader and Brazil's President Senhor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is admired and respected for his bridge-building techniques among people of goodwill across cultures.

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The Brazilian government announced they were ignore the ICC as they consider Putin innocent of any crimes.

They backtracked a day or two later saying Brazil could not guarantee Mr. Putin would not be arrested if he attends a G20 summit in Brazil, leaving the final decision up to the nation's judiciary.


Of course one would not know that if all one read were Russian "news" sources, lol.

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Brazil is stupid to remain in the BRICS and the company of Xi and Putin not to mention the LATAM leftist radicals.

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