Osaka should take whatever time off she needs


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Ms. Osaka could benefit greatly by spending time watching coverage of the Paralympic Games. And talking to its participants. The courage and determination of these amazing athletes in the face of adversity may be just what this young person needs to gain true perspective. And our respect.

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Time off for “bad behavior”? - Sure thing.

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Osaka should take whatever time off she needs”… at least, until Nov 1. - In the meantime, she’s gotten a start on her Halloween costume. Like her current play and attitude, it does come up a little short here.

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Is she getting help? Hopefully, she is being encouraged to do meditation and mindfulness training along with cognitive therapy to address the negative thought patterns she seems to suffer from. Even putting an earbud in one ear with her own voice saying things like, 'you're doing fine, you're okay, you're doing a great job, I love you'.

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Spot on @Skeptical 7:49am:

“Ms. Osaka could benefit greatly by spending time watching coverage of the Paralympic Games. And talking to its participants. The courage & determination of these amazing athletes in the face of adversity may be just what this young person needs to gain true perspective. And our respect.” -

Perhaps helping & instructing others less fortunate would be her best, less stressful bit of activism and future?

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She definitely, more than anything else, needs to ditch her present “inner circle” and “advisors”? They’ve got her on this deteriorating, self-destructive path.

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Naomi Osaka does not owe it to anyone to play tennis ever again.

The only person she needs to answer to at this point is herself.

They ought to let Osaka figure things out.

No one is telling her to quit.

No one is telling her to keep playing.

She’s the only one causing her own drama.

Play, don’t play.

What’s the difference?

Just make a choice already. And stick with it.

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With the amount of money she's already earned, I could retire and live a life of luxury. If she quits now, she's hardly going to struggle financially, so why does she keep punishing herself? If she's not happy in the tennis world, then just quit or at least take an extended break. Are her parents away on holiday or what? Is she not getting help?

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If you are unhappy when you win or lose, time to put your cue in the rack. Do some volunteer work to gain a different perspective on life. Often, the pressures of life come from those close to you who see a personal benefit from your own success. Time to reassess your goals.

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No one is telling her to quit.

I think she should quit. She doesn't enjoy the game anymore, and she has enough money to live the rest of her life, as well as her kids, and their kids. And she's young enough to take a few years off and come back if she feels differently someday.

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The wealth for Naomi Osaka is secondary, it is the prospect of condemning oneself to the indignity/humiliation of personal failure.

With success come responsibility, got to find the character, courage to rise above it.

All the money in the world will not replace or stem the thoughts and emotions of failure to attain one life's goals.

There is no quitting or walking away.

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You can only improve and keep your body from declining is by giving it your all everyday and constantly try to push the body to reach new height. She has too much distractions and all the wealth, fame and attention has shifted her focus.

She should forget everything and just put her mind 100% on tennis. Skills that aren't constantly sharpen will eventually decline no matter how much talent you think you have.

She is getting rusty in my opinion and no longer as focus. Maybe less playing around and more on her training. Time to find a new coach because clearly the current one isn't cutting it.

Rest isn't what she need. That will probably make her skills even more worse. What she need to focus her mind back to tennis again.

There is only 2 option. Does she love tennis enough to keep playing on the world stage against other tough opponents or is she satisfied with her wealth and choose to live a comfortable life. There is nothing wrong with stopping but only those who push themselves forward can reach greater heights. If she stop now, she will probably not gonna catch up anymore. There is only so much limited time for a athlete to truly shine in their lifetime on the world stage while the body is still at it's prime.

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Gotta love the reaction of NHK, which hysterically hypes the performance of any Japanese athletes at international tourneys by a factor of about million, to Osaka's latest on-court drama.

Nary a mention of her erratic performance and behavior. Is "her country" about to shuffle her off to the sidelines?

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Um, I think the writer and a few people are forgetting the fine print here - Naomi Osaka CHOSE to make professional tennis her full-time career and as a result of playing tennis she has enriched herself through prize money but mostly huge sponsorship money.

She and her parents have used those opportunities to the max and she is not the first person famous or otherwise to feel pressures and have emotional issues. But that is essentially down to her - ridiculous money for hitting a ball looks like it's too much for her and fine but let's cut out all the media playing it to somehow make it the responsibility of others.

If she doesn't fulfil her contractual obligations to sponsors, then rightfully she should or will lose money. This is business and it is separate from her own feelngs or whatever she or others see as her 'right' to not do what the other 99.9 percent of pro tennis players do and speak to the media for a short time post match or to show basic sporting manners on the court.

I'd argue Naomi has actually been treated with exceptions rather than the rules. As long as she is a professional tennis player she owes the game some concessions such as media conferences and basic manners on court. I personally could care less if she gives up the game - it's her business but please cut the manipulative narrative of how 'she doesn't owe us blah blah blah'. Those kinds of assertions are irrelevant.

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So much Naomi coverage, so little time…

How's it hanging with all you big leaguers? Last post closed before I could join ya.

You saw it for yourselvs. Billie Jean king has entered the chat!

I read this. And I read it again. And I smile. Cus no matter how hard all you big leaguers

in your little chairs b-m-n complain. None of the lameness holds a candle wax.

And this is Naomi on a BAD day.

Absolute gem.

“It would be nice if there was that line for me, but no. I’m the type of person that everything is sort of the same. So, like, I feel like maybe you could see it earlier on in my career: If there was something that was not right in my personal life, you could kind of see it in my playing,” Osaka answered

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I also think she has the kind of character and personality that is not cut out for public life as a sports star or anything else in the spotlight. That's fine and if she wants to leave it behind, good for her.

But that is her choice and zero to do with the public who somehow are being drawn into a kind of blame game by these kinds of misdirecting articles. My impression of her from interviews etc is she is not particularly bright like so many athletes, and this is probably why she has to make everything about her and her career somehow the fault of others on a big scale. Just deal with your own problems Naomi and yes if you want to quit, taking those multi-millions and understand you are privileged.

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We all have to face our demons, on a tennis court in Naomi Osaka  case or in daily life.

In a coffee shop, with all the sometime grizzly customers demands.

You work it.

Come on what is the difference?

That is life.

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An opinion piece to support the idea that a grown woman has permission to make her own choices? Yes, okay, if she wants to play, she should play, and if she doesn’t, she shouldn’t. It’s a tennis court, though, not a theater.

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Please spare us the drama and quit, Naomi-chan.

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If you can't take the heat get out the kitchen.

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