Power shift: Who gains in the battle for Syria's northeast?

By Dominic Evans, Orhan Coskun and Tom Perry

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I find it amazing how people who could not locate a Kurdish town on a map suddenly have strong opinions about the Syrian situation. Strangely enough, always the opinion touted by CNN and the rest of the fake media, including the propaganda slogan about orange man "abandoning our allies".

Trump is not abandoning anyone, and the area will ultimately return to Syrian control. Turkey and Syria can work this out, once the US stops meddling, which it should never have done in the first place.

This whole mess would not exist without the meddling of Obama and Clinton, who just could not resist trying more of their misguided "regiime change", which worked oh-so-well in Libya. That don´t hold your breath for the talking heads at CNN to explain that. Nope, instead we must make war because orange man baad.

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If Trump is happy to abandon our Kurdish allies on a whim,

If you're so concerned about the Kurds, 1glenn, why don't you go over there and fight as a mercenary? The U.S. gov't will not stop you. Don't expect our troops to remain in Syria forever.

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Is this article a question or an answer?

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If Trump is happy to abandon our Kurdish allies on a whim, who is to say that he will not do the same to any of our other allies, like Japan or South Korea? Putin's Puppet is not making America great; again, or ever.

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More and more I'm convinced Trump is under Putin's thumb so is Erdogan. Putin has displayed a degree of mastery lacking in the US and Turkish leaders. He has taken the oil rich areas without firing a single bullet

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It was Russia's intervention with air power in 2015 which helped turn the tide of Syria's civil war in Assad's favor,

Whatever happened to the quagmire Obama predicted?

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