Trump's legacy: A more divided America, a more unsettled world

By Matt Spetalnick, Andrea Shalal, Jeff Mason and Steve Holland

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Trump made boldface lies into a political tool. I'm most afraid that won't end, ever. Because he gave internet personalities who lied time, that emboldened those people as well.

I don't think Trump was born in America. I've never seen any proof that he was. All the papers are clearly faked. See how easy that is? /s

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Less than 19 hours until the end of the worst presidency in American history.

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"We did what we came to do.....and so much more" ..................

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1glennToday  10:17 am JST

Less than 19 hours until the end of the worst presidency in American history.

A legacy of sickening malingnant narccissism, gross human rights violations, violence, treason, selling out, immaturity, hatred, ego, vainity, selfishness, fascism, crime, sexual deviancy, evil, greed, rottenness, shame, disgrace, embarrassment, sassymouth, motormouth, bullying, uncouthness maximus. Need I say more?

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The first president to have attempted a violent overthrow of the American government is about to leave office.

Ten hours to go.

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T**** runs away in 2 hours, Biden sworn in in 6 hours.

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The Democrats will probably be in office for eight years, Biden for a year or two, then Harris for the rest. The good news is, after these eight years, the Republicans or Trump's new party will win again. Something to look forward to.

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The legacy is chaos and division ... the damage done will take decades, if ever, to repair.

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Biden will last 18 months due to Biden's inability to function mentally basically memory loss , Kamala Harris will become the first black women president. Pelosi will move into the VP slot and AOC will become speaker of the house. Its a women movement. In the beginning of the election there were 22 candidates, campaigning to become president. The democrats realized they had no candidate to beat Trump. Biden was a last minute toss in and that was because he was an Obama VP and the people felt he would continue the Obama era policies. The Biden Kamala ticket will be walking into a situation where they promised to make changes, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE, it will take too long to change some of the policies that Trump put into place. What the people will hear time after time is Joe Biden saying "Give us some time, we inherited this mess". The Biden and Kamala ticket made many promises, to BLM, LGBQT, Hispanics, Asians and everyone who who bought into their plan. These groups will expect change quickly and that is not going to happen, alot of them will become disgruntled and will not get what they were promised. Biden said day one he will change immigration and as I type today theres over 20,000 immigrants walking from south america to the US borders because they said Biden would take care of them and give them citizenship if they make to the US in 100 days. This is the first shot fired out of his mouth when he said that he opened the flood gates for more to come. The worse has yet to come!

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Trump made boldface lies into a political tool. 

It's not just Donald Trump. Read Shep Smith's interview yesterday with Christian Amanpour where he explains why he left Fox News. The talking heads start from a false premise and opine from there. it's one thing to start with a fact and have an opinion, but to start from a lie, asserting this lie is a fact, and then build a case off a lie is reprehensible. But this is what much of conservative media does.

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Trump and Hillary were the two worst candidates in the history of American politics.

Trump won the electoral votes because she was a dreadful candidate. That's the game and the way the system works. Americans had enough of family political dynasties and the country was starting to look more like a monarchy than a representative democracy.

It didn't matter who won, America lost in 2016 because both political parties were, and are, failures. Social media and non-social media are also failures.

Americans are not sophisticated enough to know the difference between truth and BS. I wouldn't be surprised if a dictatorship emerges in the next decade and Americans accept it. It got pretty close this time.

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I never thought the crimes and abuses he did would occur in America. No, not here. Not in America.

And that was the undoing of America under Trump. Complacency (not you) and a belief that the USA was somehow above other countries. These sort of things only happen to lesser countries, etc.

Dictatorships, genocides, massacres, demagogues, misinformations, poverty, mass unrest, criminality within governments can occur anywhere in this world.

So, what now?

America goes back to the status quo of neo-liberalism, world cop and promoting its values, lol, on the rest of us?

It's not a solution to the Trump term of madness. It's a sticking plaster, at best. At worst, it will lead to the same circumstances that gave us 45. I don't think the US could survive another would be tyrant.

I wish 46 well, of course. But he's got his work cut out for him.

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The good news is, after these eight years, the Republicans or Trump's new party will win again. Something to look forward to.

The cultists are a bit like those folks who predict the end of the world, on a regular basis. You know - the world will end on such and such a day at 11.55pm. And when it inevitably doesn't end, they just give us a new date etc. No sense of embarrassment or shame, whatsoever.

They claimed that Trump would win the election, then Trump had the election stolen but he'll be back in 2024, and maybe Trump is no longer in the running for '24 but Ivanka/Don Jr. is and so on, ad infinitum.

History is full of this kind of willful denial of reality. Am sure there were a few old fascists who hoped Alessandra would gather the faithful around her, like her granddaddy before her. She seemed to play both sides, if I remember correctly...

The GOP may well be finished as a party, for their spineless endorsement of 45. Depends on whether voters have a short memory or not.

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Some people here predicted there wouldn't be a transfer of power. Wrong. Americans never had any doubt - well, except the unhinged 0.5%.

Ding dong, Trump is gone.

Back in the WHO. Trying to strengthen that org.

Following Paris Climate agreeement.

Oil pipeline dead.

EU agrees they need to take more responsbilty for NATO.

lmmigration has changed slightly, bt not completely. Outright bans of travel from Muslim countries gone, but covid tests still in place.

Mandated wearig masks and social distancing on all federal land.

Seems like a good start, though the oil pipeline will hurt Canada. I think killing it was wrong. Make a pre-funded cleanup fund to put the land back the was it was mandatory for 100+ yrs from now AND clean up any spills during the pipeline lifetime. Perhaps share 10% of the gross with the communities along the way. Call it profit sharing the the ugly view they get.

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Seems like a good start, though the oil pipeline will hurt Canada.

It was already dead - Obama killed it during his administration. The only thing Trump did was say 'we're resurrecting this,' without following through. Biden is just returning it to the status it was at before. It won't hurt Canada, because the pipeline doesn't exist, therefore it's the absence of a benefit, rather than something being taken away.

The pipeline was not popular with Canadians anyways.

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