Trump giving up on the job he fought to retain


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Scene: A bedroom in the White House. A large orange-haired boy is lying in bed, still in his pyjamas, playing listlessly with his phone. An aide enters.

Aide: Now Donald, you can't just lie in bed all day. You have to get up and say something about all these things that are happening in the country.

Donald: Noooo! I don't wanna!

Aide: But Donald, you're the President. The people are expecting to hear from you.

Donald: Noooo! I hate the people! They don't like me anymore! I wanna see Ivanka!

Aide sighs and leaves the room. Later, a press release is issued.

“President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.”

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First Lady Melania has moved their stuff out of the White House into storage or their residence at Mar-a-Logo.

Before the Biden's move in, especially with the pandemic, the White House will get a $500,000 deep clean. It will happen on the Jan 20th before they move in. Their belonging will be there and a fridge of foods they like.

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Trump has not given up.

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And yet, Trump cult's fanatics still believe him to be "a strong" leader. Crazy.

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The situation is much worse than someone not doing a job, I think. It’s not a good idea to take these events lightly. He sees himself at the head of a new government, and hopes to get rid of the old one. There are lots of people who want to help him, using violence. Trump, using the tools of his office and his moron militia, is a serious danger to the US and the folks who live there. Nor is this going to get immediately better, since his armed followers sincerely believe his every word. This is a very dangerous time.

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GOP needs to grow a pair asap and disown those cruzifying democracy.

Orange jumpsuit for Dolt 45.

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With the Trump cult having power, Americas problems lie much closer to home than China.

Nice distraction though.

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So much winning

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He's been faking it and phoning it in since day 1, when he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd and then forced the parks department to issue photoshopped images supporting his lies. A textbook psychopath.

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But he’s already stopped doing much of his job.

The question is: at what point did he actually do his job? He provably spent most of his days live-tweeting Fox News shows or on a golf course. In each and every of his pictures in the oval office, his desk was completely clean and empty of any visible form of work.

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Trump has not given up.

In the sense that he never seriously tried to do the job in the first place I suppose this is true.

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History is being made at this very moment.

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The Art Of The Fail.

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The Art Of The Failure.

Fixed that for you.

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