Trump seeks election-year out after Iran strikes


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Trump has proved that he is the bravest, smartest, and the greatest President of all time. Under Obama era people were thinking that USA is finished and China will take over as the new super power of the world. Americans were looked down by east and the west. Now the game changed. USA is back, as the strongest again. Trump killed the plans of Obama to radicalize the USA with a strange ideological people but that is no more. USA will have a free and open society for at least 4 years more. The left and the radicals will do anything to drag down the USA to the lowest level as much as they can. Those bugs who are inside the USA are the enemy of USA.

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Trump doesn't want to drop bombs on Tehran, he wants to build hotels and casinos there. Well, maybe not casinos. Maybe open a bikini factory... nah strike that... maybe open some churches... nah strike that... maybe open a beer brewery... nah strike that... He'll just stick with the hotels.

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Unless the USA has major economic problems between now and November 2020 Trump will easily win a second term the Democrats don't have one credible candidate.

As for Iran, Trump was using targeted assassination that's why it was conducted in Iraq, there was never gonna be a full on attack, sure the Iranians fired 22 missiles but they didn't hit any Americans the Iranians have now shot down a plane full of Iranians which is probably the real reason why the Iranians have stood down.

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Did Trump just murder the number two man in Iran in order to make himself look like a hero to his base?

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