U.S. leaves door open for Iran nuclear diplomacy

By Arshad Mohammed and John Irish

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China can help Iran.

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For nearly two years the United States has tried and failed to negotiate a revival of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

I seem to remember that although it was the US that unilaterally reneged on the deal, it refused to lift sanctions before Iran returned to its pre-2018 position. Surely America could have shown good faith by making the first move.

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If you follow the news on Twitter recently, you would know that Biden was overheard saying that the 'deal was dead'. It's very telling that this wasn't mentioned in this article and wasn't widespread in the media.

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The USA isn't in control of the Iran nuclear agenda.

Keeping the door open ?

That's just pathetic

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Trump reimposed U.S. sanctions on Iran, leading Tehran to resume previously banned nuclear work and reviving U.S., European and Israeli fears that Iran may seek an atomic bomb. Iran denies any such ambition.

Nuclear work that is already in progress is not revived.

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