Sunak gambles on return of Cameron to win over moderate voters

By Elizabeth Piper, Alistair Smout and Andrew MacAskill

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he not only brings a wealth of government experience but is also seen as a moderate,

He is an extremist. People must have short memories. He made sure that everyone else paid for the bankers' screw-ups in inverse proportion to their wealth and income while blaming the Labour party for the inevitable inability of capital to self-regulate after his party had removed all fetters. In a time of low interest rates - a time for investment in the nation - he could only imagine austerity for everyone but his own ilk. He is a nasty piece of work who never had to do a day's work outside the political bubble he feels shamelessly entitled to.

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Moonraker- well said. This is a stupid move by Sunak ALTHOUGH his sacking of that witch Suella Braverman was a very good move.

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PMs go when they lose the support of their party and their political credibility, as Cameron did. That's why they (usually) have the good sense not to return.

But none of this matters. They will be wiped out in the next election. There are currently quite a few Tory MPs in Westminster, happily squaring up to each other over the future direction of the party. Outside Parliament, you can wander through any town or city in the UK without coming across someone who will be voting Tory in the next election. They promised voters a Brexit utopia. Absolutely everything in the UK is considerably worse than it was before they came to power. After the next election, they are history. They won't even be the opposition.

At least we got to see Cruella sacked. That was enjoyable.

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He is a nasty piece of work who never had to do a day's work outside the political bubble he feels shamelessly entitled to.

Some thought he never did a days work while in the political bubble. He had a reputation as a lazy sod happier playing Angry Birds rather than paying attention in meetings.

There is speculation that Sunak approached William Hague and Theresa May before dragging Cameron out of Chipping Norton. Hard to know if that’s true but I can’t imagine calling Dave was the grand plan to stop the rot.

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But none of this matters. They will be wiped out in the next election

I’m still not convinced but they certainly fear another 1997.

I read and listened to the cases for parachuting Cameron back in. One case put forward is he’s a better communicator than Sunak, Cleverly, Hunt etc. He is quite good in front of a camera.

The problem seems to be they don’t seem to know what message they are trying to communicate.

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They will be wiped out in the next election.

I don't think that's so clearcut. We are currently seeing a big rift in the Labour party over the Israel-Palestine issue. 56 Labour MPs voted for support for an immediate ceasefire against the express wishes of Starmer.

(I'll be voting for the SNP.)

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Remember when he was the worst PM in history?

He'll never be forgiven for Brexit or the Bedroom Tax.

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The Tories may bag a couple of seats affected by the London ULEZ or where opposition councils have implemented low emission/clean air zones, but they are going to take a pasting. People are aware of their failure every time they shop and every time they pay their bills.

Voters don't care about splits in Labour over Gaza. They aren't voting for Labour or for Labour's policies. Most of them won't be able to name a Labour MP other than Starmer. They are voting against the Tories for the accumulation of failure and misery they have dumped on the country. Many will vote Lib Dem instead, and they may not even know who leads the Lib Dems. I don't. I'd have to look it up on Wikipedia.

UK electors know the policies are a mix of lies, PR, fantasies and aspirations. Most people just vote against the party they dislike the most.

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He’s an evildoer and acts in a demonic manner that means he is unfit for office. Mr Sunak must have turned mad to do this or he was forced to do by Mr Cameron and his influential allies from the worlds elite.

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