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U.S. aid could buy Kyiv time, but Ukraine needs many more troops

By Tom Balmforth, Charlotte Bruneau

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Hito BitoToday 05:03 pm JST

When push comes to shove, if an army's worth of Ukrainians will not fight while the Russians will, remind me how this turns out all sunshine and lollipops for Ukraine again?

The Russians don't want to be there risking their lives to steal toilets if we are being generous.

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Finally passing the aid package will not only buy time!

It will be decisive in the fight against those Russian marauders!

It will be decisive for Ukraine to liberate all occupied areas!

It will be decisive to bring back freedom to Ukraine!

Ukraine prevails!

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Ukraine prevails is merely wishful thinking.

Russia is also far from prevailing. Their offensive has gained less ground than Ukraine's 'Spring Offensive' at a much greater cost in lives.

Ukraine's Yusov said Russia, which controls 18% of Ukrainian territory, has between 450,000-470,000 ground troops fighting in Ukraine.

Half a million men for such a poor return. You would have thought with such numbers they would have been able to steal much more.

Ukraine is going to be Russia's graveyard.

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Maga Republicans are fighting against American and Ukrainian interests. It reminds me of when the Democrats passed LendLease, back in 1941. Only 21 Republican Congressmen voted for aid to China and Britain at that time.

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War is awful. That there are those who flee war is not surprising. What is surprising is how many good people are willing to fight and die for a free and prosperous Ukraine.

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FosToday 10:30 am JST

Western media often tries to forget (or hide) that many of those mines were planted by Ukraine army, helped by CIA agents

And they clearly need a lot more to put the fascist assault on an appropriate timetable. I'm assuming the CIA has better things to do with their agents, though.

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More than a million Ukrainian men simply refuse to defend their country

I've read a similar number of Russians have done the same.

But is it a refusal to defend their "country" or a refusal to defend the "state"? Those words don't mean the same to me.

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Western armaments, even those considered outdated in the West, are far superior to what Moscow has. Give them the weapons, even with a population only a fraction of Russia's, and Ukraine will give Putin a bloody nose.

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Russia is clearing mine fields on the northern border. Just a ploy to get the Ukrainians to move troops they can ill afford or is there a big push coming with Russia's huge disparity in man power being used?

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Taiwan is not China

No one needs to negotiate with fascists. Also that is entirely Ukraine's decision.

If you ask common Ukrainians who live abroad and are literally escaping from their own country (the law in Kiev now requires mandatory conscription), hardly nobody wants to fight. It is indeed Washington who decides to rage the war until November election. 

That's pretty impressive that the CIA took out 100k Russians and preserved 80% of Ukraine from invasion.

At what price? The lives of thousands of Ukrainians. Check the quotation of Lockheed Martin stock at Wall Street, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies. It is about BlackRock and Vanguard in Wall Street, and nobody els who call the shots in Ukraine.

MIC is 3% of US GDP. Nobody is that worried about 3%.

Try to work out the huge capacity of military equipments sold to Nato countries and come back to me TaiwanNotChina. Thats wishful thinking.

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Japan media should think with their own heads and get some perspectives on history.

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"If they'd passed it (earlier), it would have changed the situation dramatically," said one soldier, call sign "Sailor", who said a shortage of shells had reduced their covering fire for infantrymen, costing lives and territory.

Many lives were lost as a result of the shortage. US Congressmen end up helping the Russians kill Ukrainian soldiers.

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Ukraine prevails

Ukrainian positions have been pounded this year by thousands of glide bombs fired by warplanes taking advantage of Russian air superiority and dwindling Ukrainian air defenses. Ukraine prevails is merely wishful thinking.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Only a change of narrative in the media discourse will bring to peace negotiations. For the time being the only people celebrating are the US military, racking up billions of dollars from war fronts in Ukraine and Gaza, at least until the American presidential election in November. The wise Ukrainian nationals will better keep away from their homes despite CIA best efforts to justify this conflict.

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Western media often tries to forget (or hide) that many of those mines were planted by Ukraine army, helped by CIA agents

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Ukraine has recently admitted that there are over 800,000 able-bodied Ukrainian males of draftable age sitting in self-imposed exile in the EU alone, and hundreds of thousands more in America, Thailand and other places. More than a million Ukrainian men simply refuse to defend their country, so much so, that Ukraine just had to introduce a ban on consular services for these expatriate draft dodgers.

According to Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba: "How it looks like now: a man of conscription age went abroad, showed his state that he does not care about its survival, and then comes and wants to receive services from this state...If anyone believes that while someone is fighting far away at the frontline and risking his or her life for this state, someone else is staying abroad but receiving services from this state, then this is not how it works. Staying abroad does not relieve a citizen of his or her duties to the Homeland. That is why yesterday I ordered measures to restore fair attitudes toward men of conscription age in Ukraine and abroad. This will be fair..."

We'll see if these million men go back once their visas and passports run out. Many have years left before they have to face such music. When push comes to shove, if an army's worth of Ukrainians will not fight while the Russians will, remind me how this turns out all sunshine and lollipops for Ukraine again?

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