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Virus diplomacy: As outbreak goes global, China seeks to reframe narrative

By Keith Zhai and Huizhong Wu

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Well, it’s something at least. China is in a unique position to help out now that the worst of its own outbreak appears to be over, but apart from medical expertise and sending equipment, etc., it could also help by admitting that covid-19 did in fact originate within its borders. Following on from that, and the fact that the SARS epidemic also originated in China, it could undertake to genuinely tackle the source of both problems, I.e. its substandard hygiene practices around its food markets and the persistence of exposing foods sold in those markets to contamination from wild animals and their meat.

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China seeks to reframe narrative

"Reframe narrative?" Must be prc communist speak for "Propagating Lies and Blame Shifting."

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China is in a unique position to help out now that the worst of its own outbreak appears to be over

I wouldn't be so sure about their numbers. For example, to take just one region of China, the number of confirmed cases in the three provinces that make up Manchuria, which have a combined population of 100 million people, is (as of 11 March) exactly 700.

I find it very hard to reconcile numbers like that with the geographical spread of the disease across China (and now across the planet) no matter what measures the central government eventually imposed. I think the number is too low, and I think the claimed slowdown, which practically amounts to a sudden halt in new cases after about the 20th of February, is extremely fishy. Outside China, we've been seeing how fast it gets established in one country after another.

Seven countries already have more than 700 cases; in others numbers are rising rapidly and will easily exceed that. This disease is very infectious, and in many cases, very dangerous. How did it not spread further in these parts of China, and how is it not still spreading?

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