Why the U.S. might not open up to international travelers any time soon

By Ted Hesson

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This article seems to be written from the wrong perspective. The real question is not when the United States will open up to other countries. Given the chaotic and catastrophic failure of the response of the USA to its Covid-19 epidemic, the real question is when other countries should open up to travellers from the United States.

Same applies to the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, to name just a few.

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I was going to say what BigYen said. Most countries have more to fear from travelers from America, than Americans have to fear from travelers from other countries. Putin must be so happy with his investment in Trump.

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It's interesting that the jobs program called the TSA is still a jobs program for the otherwise unemployable. 96% drop in passengers, but TSA standing around doing nothing but collecting paychecks. Same thing with all of the immigration and customs people.

Over 30 million of people in the US have been laid off, but millions of government workers are sitting at home pretending to work and none are losing a paycheck. More than half of the households in the US now work for the government, are government contractors or work for companies that selling something to the government.

This was the goal of Soviet-style communism and it seems to be working now in the US.

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TSA are some of the most self-entitled and rude people you can meet. The question isn't when US might open, but do people want to go there.

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Well, some of us are wondering when Japan will open back up. A 14-day quarantine period is hefty if you want to go to somewhere beyond the few international airport cities. I don't see the Trump administration working earnestly to get foreign destinations to ease up on restrictions for Americans; I expect the administration would rather have Americans traveling and spending money inside the United States (and sharing Covfefe-19 domestically).

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(and sharing Covfefe-19 domestically).

Thanks, Roten. I hadn't seen that one before. Maybe I don't get out enough (lockdown joke) :)

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No offense to Americans but I’ve never wanted to visit.America seen from afar is enough for me...

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America is one of the greatest countries to visit. From snow capped moutains to deserts. Everything can be found. American are also one of the most friendly to be around.

I have had so great trips there.

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