Will 2021 be the year of living sustainably for Europe?

By Thin Lei Win

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With family in Europe, and having traveled there, my impression is that they already live much more sustainably than we do over here in the States. While traveling, we noticed that we could go a whole day and see only one big pickup truck. Over here they are ubiquitous.

Everywhere we went we saw that people would hang their laundry up to dry, rather than use a clothes dryer. Again, unlike over here.

While walking down a hallway at night, the lights had automatic timers to turn them off once they were not needed, unlike here.

I noticed that food portions tend to be much smaller than ours.

So, a few things about Europe that are already pretty good.

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The poor Brits. Since the first of January they are having problems filling the shelves in supermarkets, truck drivers crossing the channel are not allowed to bring home made lunch into the Netherlands as the lunch needs to be documented at POS with a food export license. Dutch Police "'Everything will be confiscated – welcome to the Brexit, sir,'

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