Anger in Tokyo is just latest example of how unpopular hosting Olympics has become

By Mark Wilson

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The risks that come with the prestige and attention generated when the Olympics, World Cup and other huge events are held no longer seem worth the trouble or the cost.

Yup, they sure don't.

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Maybe the problem with the games is not about the event itself but how organizing and putting in place the whole project makes evident huge problems that the government somehow manages to hide routinely.

If Japan had a proper control of the pandemic and a vast majority of the population were immunized there would still be people that would be against the games, but never to the degree is observed right now. Overseas fans visiting the country safely and bringing a lot of resources would have been a very positive thing for all the people that had to make a lot of sacrifices since last year.

But instead the country is still stuck in 2020, with ineffective measures and a tiny minority of the population being immunized, complicating the situation with such an event at this timing obviously is going to be rejected by most of the population.

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Japan postponed the 2020 Olympic Games to gain time and have better measures to cope with COVID-19 but after more than a year from one of the first cases and Japan being impacted around Feb last year nothing has changed due to slow incompetent Politicians decision making lack of leadership, and out of the box solution with massive vaccination program. They are still fighting on the venues / qualified people to handle the inoculation tasks with a very slow pace per day ... Lock down back and for and keep counting even if the Games are called off ..

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The failure of the government to deal with the pandemic is inexcusable.

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Virusrex, lots of respect for all your posts. Just one typo.. the country still stuck in 1964 not 2020

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Perhaps because it is silent :

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Bach told Abe that 2022 was OK but Abe insisted that Japan would be ready by 2021. The Olympics could be a super spreader event with people coming from the entire world to Tokyo with not enough Japanese being vaccinated.

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You don't say. Really, now. PM Suga and the IOC had better listen up, then! The citizens of Tokyo are smarter than these guys.

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Use a single site every 4 years and the entire world pays for it. Use the abandoned Greece site

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Tokyites won't express it outwardly but they are happy about the Olympics being held here.

They flood the trains daily, go to work dutifully, but there is no large scale organized protest. This event is the last hurrah for Tokyo as it is being surpassed by other Asian cities.

They aren't wearing their masks for safety reasons. They are wearing masks to hide their gleeful grins.

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A scaled-back Olympics would still generate plenty of broadcast revenue. The IOC earned $4.5 billion for the 2018 and 2020 Olympics, a powerful incentive to maintain the event. People around the world will still be able to watch the competition on television or on other devices, possibly with crowd noise added for effect. But that money largely flows to the International Olympic Committee, not to the place hosting the event.

This! and that's why the SCUMBAGS Coates and Bach are hellbent on hosting the Olympics, come hell or high water without a care for the people of Japan.

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