Another Year of the Man: Voters mourn women's losses in 2020


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50% of the electorate are female... They also rejected her. Maybe, just maybe it isn’t just her lack of male genitalia that is her problem to the voters?

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It's almost unbelievable how Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats and the media continue to play the broken identity politics violin when it's been a spectacular failure since 2016.

1: The majority of Dem voters are female. Why did they reject Warren?

2: The term 'old white men' has become racist, misandrist and discriminatory towards older people. This is turning many voters off.

3: Urging people to vote for you because of your immutable characteristics and likewise urging them not to vote for other for the same reasons is cheap and attempts to take the focus off policy. Many voters read this as 'Vote for me because I love myself and want power and glory' rather than 'Vote for me because I genuinely care about you, I have formulated solid policies that will improve your lives and I'll do my utmost to implement them for you.'

Will the Democrats ever learn?

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50% of the electorate are female... They also rejected her. Maybe, just maybe it isn’t just her lack of male genitalia that is her problem to the voters?

This is true.  Same thing for Blacks and other minorities.  They make up the majority of the Dem party in some places, yet two old white men are in the lead for the party, and Kamala Harris, Booker, Castro and Yang didn't make the cut.  It wasn't due to racism, but because they either lacked a clear vision on winning other than just bashing Trump or voters found them to be not trustworthy or just duds.

For Warren, she just comes across as a screeching harridan and that turns voters (male and female) off.  Yet Tulsi Gabbard can't get any support from the supposed Dem (woke) party leaders and they freeze her out of debates and don't treat her seriously.  Yet the women are not rallying around her.

Bottom Line: Warren was just a bad candidate, and she needs to face that.  After all, Hillary won last year.

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She lost her own state. The same state that voted her in to the Senate since 2013. And that state happens to my state of Massachusetts. Voters in M.A are fickle. I'm from Boston. Southie or South Boston to be exact. The voting scheme in M.A. is so diversified. I do not know one single Democrat in Southie that voted for her ever. And I go back all the to the Winter Hill days. Whitey Bulger days. I wonder where these votes to elect her to the Senate come from? Anyways she lied about her Indian roots. This cost her dearly, But I will hand it to her. She is was a way better candidate then H R.C. She was also a very effective law school professor specializing in bankruptcy law. I respect her as a woman Candidate. I am Republican but Warren just didn't not get her message out enough. But way better than Clinton.

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it had nothing to do with Liz being a female, it had to do with her being disconnected from reality that the rest of us live in and pandering to people whom she doesnt represent. She is old, white, rich and connected but was pandering to "people of color" and immigrants, which became a tired tune, because thats what the rest of the Dem loons were doing.

Nobody connects to her. Good riddance.

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It isn't that the nation's voters won't choose a woman - Hillary got almost three million more votes than Mr. Orange Face - it's just that no woman was chosen in the Democratic primary this time.

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Nikki Haley will win in 2024. First woman and first Indian-American.

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Nikki Haley will win in 2024. First woman and first Indian-American.

I’d vote for her in a heartbeat.

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There is a woman left among the candidates, and unlike the ones who dropped out she has a a reasonable political platform. But yes, the swamp does not like her, so the "mainstream" media gives her the mushroom treatment.

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I am not a Yank, over the years whenever I came across Warren speaking on politics etc she came across as very smart, caring & had some interesting ideas, seemed a tad too far left for me but if I was a Yank I might vote for her

Fast forward to the primaries & she has turned into a bit of a woke nutter…. and when I saw a bit about her running white house hires by an imaginary youthful trans person......she was looking a bit bonkers.

I would say SHE did it to HERSELF, cant blame men for her losing a badly as she did, as others have CORRECTLY pointed out women obviously didn't vote for her in enough numbers to keep her in the game!

And this article is utter crap, the non-sense printed would almost PUSH me into the Repubs camp & I really dislike them & hate trump!!!

Again Warren did herself in, end of story she simply blew it! BIG TIME!

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Massachusetts democrat party presidential primary voters -- the state she represents in the U.S. Senate -- overwhelmingly rejected her.  More than 1.3 million votes were cast among Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, also-rans, and Warren.  Warren garnered just 291,000.

Warren even lost 4:5 to Sanders, the democrat party's unrepentant Marxist-sympathizing candidate.  The takeaway is Massachusetts progressives didn't reject socialism per se, just Warren's brand of barefaced lying and political phoniness.

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