Iran protests point to turmoil in the future


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Translation, the US will try the Syria formula on Iran.

Feed internal strife and send in well-armed and well-trained Al Qaida types to foment a civil war.

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A sobering article about yet more strife around the world. But I question the author's claim of the cost of gas in the US; a US gallon is very close to four litres, and a litre of gas in the States is more than US$0.65 to US$0.66. I know that for a fact - I live just north of the US border, in BC, and travel to Washington State often enough.

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I really think that Iran will be the first of the Middle East nations to turn the corner and become a successful and vibrant democracy. They have had 40 years of oppression in the name of religion, and 30+ years of secular oppression before that. They have been through the mill, and are not tribal. They are not tempted anymore by fundamentalism.

With a little luck, Iran may become a model for the rest of the region. Unfortunately, I think many will have to die to finally get the criminals out of control first.

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That's what people don't realize. The only real nutjobs in Iran are the people in charge. The average Iranian citizen admires the US. Even the anti-American Iranian leadership sends their children to American schools. The people need to rise up and remove the obstacles to their country's success.

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