Trump smiles with North Korea, threatens Iran


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With North Korea, President Donald Trump puts on the charm. But with Iran, he cranks up the pressure with economic sanctions and a stronger military presence in the Persian Gulf. He warned its leaders Monday they are "playing with fire."

Let's not forget it was "Little Rocket Man" just 2 years ago. When the Iranians start to get with the program, Trump will put the charm on with the Ayatollah.

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When the Iranians start to get with the program, Trump will put the charm on with the Ayatollah.

What programme would that be? All Little Rocket Man has done so far is smile for the cameras, asked Donny Boy to ease sanctions (which Donny didn't) and walked out of a second meeting when no easing of sanctions was forthcoming. After which missile testing resumed.

Yet Donny Boy can't wait to step into his garden and hold his hand.

In the meantime he's not only reneged on a deal with Iran that was working and re-imposed sanctions, he's been belligerent and threatening towards Iran. If I were Iran, I don't think I would feel tempted to get with any programme put forward by Donny and Bolton backed by Israel.

I would just wait until January 2021 and hope the next Leader Of The Free World™ was someone whose word could be trusted.

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MANUPULATION MANAGEMENT is too old and stupid methods.

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After which missile testing resumed.

No missiles have been flying over your head, cleo, since Nov 2017.

So what's your solution for the North Korean problem? You don't have one. At least Trump is establishing a working relationship with them, something his predecessors failed to do.

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