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Obama is a silent partner in Trump's boasts


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Hey, Guys,

Don't forget:

Trump struggles to explain why Obama’s jobs numbers were better than his

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Every president must climb on the wins and losses of the previous one. Problem is Trump being a seial liar, more than 10,000 since taking office. Accusing the press of fake news when he's the biggest creator of his own.

Tens of serious disruptions across the globe but nothing replaced to date.

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It's also wrong to suggest that the tariffs are being paid by China. Tariff money coming into the treasury is mainly from U.S. businesses and consumers, not from China. Tariffs are primarily if not entirely a tax paid domestically.

True! But a lot of people are claiming that the tariffs are not hurting China. If that's true, how come China's economy is slowing and they're complaining about the tariffs and retaliating?

Don't forget:

Trump struggles to explain why Obama’s jobs numbers were better than his

When Obama left office the unemployment rate was 4.8%. His average over 8 years was 7.7%

It's now 3.8%, with record low unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and women. Millions are off welfare and food stamps. Thanks, Obama! Wait...

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TRUMP, speaking about Iranians “screaming ‘death to America’” when Barack Obama was in the White House: “They haven’t screamed ‘death to America’ lately.” — Fox News interview Friday.

THE FACTS: Yes they have. The death-to-America chant is heard routinely.

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Still the media types are pretending Obama was somehow not a failure. It is not an Obama Trump decade of success implying Obama had anything to do with the last two years. It was 8 years of Obama's great recession, the second worst unemployment and taking what would have been a 1 year recession and turning it into 8 years of economic nightmare. Trump completely turned that around in less than 2 years. If Obama is a silent partner it's because he knows he ruined the world , Trump fixed Obama's mess and Obama can't spin it, So he stays silent

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