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Apple juggernaut sends ripples through tech world

By Peter Svensson

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I've said it for quite some time and nobody takes me seriously. As far as totalitarian corporations go, Apple Incorporated is the king. You do things their way or you get sued. Steve Jobs LOVES all the hate directed at Microsoft because it allows him to get away with some pretty dictatorial maneuvers in regards to his company. People give him carte blanch because, "He has to fight against the Microsoft behemoth." Really?

Design a computer on your own and package it with Windows and Microsoft Inc. says... nothing. It's more OS sales for them so why would they care?

Now design a computer on your own and package it with Apple's OS and Apple, Inc. says, "Cease and desist or we will sue you into the poorhouse." (this actually happened, Google "Psystar" for details)

So tell me, which company is the one we should be avoiding?

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I really can't remember a product to beat iPhone or iPad that most people in the world want to buy, or already have one. Perhaps, Sony's first Walkman caused a fever similar to iPhone.

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Not a single Japanese company mentioned among the world's top tech companies. How things have changed.

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<- owns a Samsung Android phone.

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Huh? That was weird. The previous message said I own a Samsung Android phone.

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Wow! What kind of fanboy guff IS this article? I realise Apple's sales have been pretty great, but who uses subtitles in a short article calling companies 'losers' ?? If you want to shine Apple's apples, just do it with facts, not name-calling!

As for the 'facts' mentioned above, try digging a little deeper, please. I have read that Apple instructs its iPhone retailers to limit monthly sales to create artificial delays. In other words, there are warehouses full of phones that aren't allowed to be moved because Apple wants to create chances for conspicious consumption, and you can't be elite and a trendsetter if everyone else on your bus or train has an iPhone too. And I'll bet this applies to iPads too. I was told at a store they 'didn't know' when they'd be getting more iPad2 in stock - but I'm pretty sure it's when Bill at the depot gets told to relinquish the keys.

All of which can only be viewed as savvy marketing which creates the kind of cultural cache you need to be number one. So, well done Apple. But it doesn't make their closed-shop format any more attractive. I already have an iPod touch, and with iTunes being so terribly clumsy to use, I'll be looking to an Android tablet in future. I will be able to do what I want, how I want, and not have to convert every video and music file in order to do so!

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"Winners" and "losers" is pretty standard terminology for business reporting. It has nothing to do with "fanboyism." I wouldn't go near the silly ipad (though I do love my ipod), but anti-apple fanaticism isn't any more attractive than the Cult of Jobs (though perhaps slightly less creepy).

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I won't be buying any iPad/iPhone/iPod for the reason that Apple exerts too much control over the software.

I have an Apple notebook; it's a nice machine but I find the Apple software to be restrictive. iTunes won't play flac files, their office suite won't open/save in OpenDocument format, QuickTime won't play most of my video files etc. It should be simple to add support for other file formats, but Apple refuse to do it. As a result, I don't use their software, other than the OS and XCode.

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macbook pro 17 is like a low spec machine in PC land, but for the apple koolaid drinker is the best they can get from apple and need to pay 225.000, the same spec from HP or any other company will cost less than 80.000. any company make money that way!!.

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OH yes Mr. Peter Svensson i think need to stop the koolaid drinking from steve jobs, fanbois!!

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How many folks here are *NIX users?

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The758: I use Linux (Slackware) at work. I have many computers and Windows just isn't up to the job. Apple isn't any good either as I would have to buy their hardware and they don't have what I need.

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Writing on my iPad, with my iPhone playing Internet radio, my iPod Touch and MacBook Pro downstairs, all connecting seamlessly with my super Mac at work, I suppose indicates that my 18 years using Macs is still a lovely dream. I'm so happy that Apple has finally shown their vast superiority to Windows.

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Heh, probably because you haven't much experienced outside Apple's world.

I use all kinds of systems, and I could do all those things you just mentioned but most likely for a lot less price and more choices. I could build a much better computer for the same price that your super Mac cost. I could make any OS behave, so it's not much of an issue for me. I have an iPhone, but it's not as mod-able as the Android to do whatever I like. I use Apple TV, but unlike my other media players, it can't play other filetypes like MKV that are prevalent on the Net.

About the Net, since I use the Net more than anything, I actually prefer to use Linux - very mod-able but unfortunately some programs I use don't work on it. For those, I use Apple and Windows. For email, I remote login to a FreeBSD.

So guys, broaden your horizons, haha.

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