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Apple maps a path to mobile throne

By Glenn Chapman

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It's all good news for malicious hackers. Don't say i didn't warn you. The more integrated and money-saturated things get, the more attention will be paid to uncover vulnerabilities and steal anything that can be stolen.

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When there is no more competition, the programmers will get lazy and not care so much about the quality of what's not visible

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The new Maps on iOS 6 beta is nothing special... plus it's buggy.

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The new Maps on iOS 6 beta is nothing special... plus it's buggy.

Did you notice the beta in the name or not? There's a reason for that qualification.

Anyhow, two things.

Apple doesn't have to pay goog foe their maps API and two, AAPL keeps its users' data for itself to monetize.

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Yes, of course I'm aware that it's a beta and that is why I wrote beta in the first place. Anyhoo I'm just reporting facts so don't get upset ;).

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I can't believe this article, rather than giving the user the choice or the freedom they are controlling what you can and can not install this article praises the fact Apple is tell you what is better.

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All reviews say (currently) apple maps are not an upgrade


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When consumers ask, I have always related Apple to a gated community - because that's a down-to-earth understandable description if you'd be their type of consumer. It has its gates, its rules, its residents, its conformity/limited options/choices, and its price.

If you're the type who looks for a house in a gated community, acting neighbor with its kind of residents, able to follow the homeowners association rules whatever they turn out to be even if ya disagree with them, don't mind limited choices of home accessories which can't deviate too much from others, and willing to pay the premium price for a better peace of mind - then you'd be comfortable being their consumer. It's simple, and some people do look for living in gated communities - that's why those real estates are built all the time.

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Lostrune2: this description suits me well. I feel comfortable with my Apple devices. I read and listen some people complaining about the limits Apple puts on its consumers, I am aware of them but I really can't see how NOT having them would make my digital life more comfortable or safe. I am willing to pay premium price, as you said, for the comfort of having Apple taking care of my apps, e-mails, and to synch my agendas with a few clicks, and other services that only Apple can deliver. I think I entered this state of mind since my first Apple experience, and can't see myself leaving it for other brand in the future. iSheep? Yes. A satisfied one.

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@LostinNagoya: Each to their own, if you never knew what was outside the front door of your house you wouldn't know what your missing. I think apple products are great, I've recently broken out of the apple only zone and found there are much more things you can do at half the price.

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@gogogo: who said I don't know what is out there? Before using Apple I used Windows for more than a decade. Android? Some of my co-workers use them in several devices and we constantly compare our apps and the whole etecetera. You Apple-haters have this flawed assumption that people who use OSX or iOS don't know a thing outside Apple world. Wrong. I know the benefits of Windows and Android. And it's just by knowing and therefore comparing them that I have decided that Apple is the right OS for me. As I said before, I am very satisfied and I can't see using another OS.

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Apple started the war, but Google will end it. ;-)

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I think Apple maps will take one or two years to get up to Google maps level. And they probably won't have streetview. :-(

But the bigger picture Apple is pursuing is to 'own' mapping on the iPhone with the sole purpose of marketing value added features. They did it with iTunes (music, movies, TV), Apple TV, Passbook in iOS 6, Book Store, Newsstand etc. etc.

I've recently broken out of the apple only zone and found there are much more things you can do at half the price.

For example?

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