Apple may trounce rivals with smaller iPad: analysts


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A marketing ploy, plain and simple! They basically already have a smaller version of the iPad ! It's called an iPhone!

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When will people "get it?" Apple has reached a level in society where it is no longer just a product. Apple has become a brand name that nearly everyone on the civilized planet knows all too well. Just owning an Apple product is not just about the function of said product as much as the bragging rights, the status, the whole keeping up with the Joneses. Whether you own an Apple iPhone and/or an Apple iPad and/or an Apple Macbook Air or Macbook Pro or iTouch or iPod or iMac you are now a part of the elite club of people who own what is simply considered by many to be the best, the Cadillac of technology. Some people (mostly the Android crowd) don't realize it but they only own a piece of technology. Owning an Apple has transcended to a level that is beyond just owning a piece of technological electronics. If you don't get it then you probably don't own it. To own it is to feel it. For those of you who don't own it you need to take the leap of faith. No Apple is not a religion nor is it a cult but it most certainly is something worth both your time and your money.

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Microsoft Surface! Competition for iPad?


Zune lives on!

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joesmoe: Apple? the cadillac of technology? Cadillac? How insulting to Apple. Apple is more like the BMW or Audi of technology. LG or Samsung maybe the cadillac, not apple.

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It's a tough go in this market. Hard to tell whether Apple can succeed here with their normal pricing. With Apple's current pricing, I have a hard time believing that they will be able to compete and pull customers other than Apple customers willing to spend the dollars. If not mistaken, Jobs never wanted this product and it may be a sign of the first drop of Apple...

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This could pose quite a problem for the Apple fan base. Saint Steve slagged off the very idea of a 7 inch tablet, and his followers have been busily denouncing the 7 inch tablets of rival companies. What will they do when Apple does an about-turn and releases a "dead on arrival" 7 inch tablet of its own? We could end up with two Apple sects: the orthodox faction: believers in strict adherence to the doctrine of Saint Steve, and the neo-Apple faction who believe that whatever Apple is currently doing/making is superior to everything else. The ensuing conflict could get nasty.

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Steve Jobs can be wrong.

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