As China enters new era, how much of Mao will stay?

By John Ruwitch

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As China gets richer - and 1% of Chinese would be classed as rich or superrich anywhere in the world - it gets more and more capitalist, more and more Westernised, freer and freer.

At the same time, the U.S.A. is looking very rickety financially, is losing trust and influence internationally and is getting less and less free, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo and the TSA put in almost on the same level as Soviet Russia.

Are these two countries going to swap roles?

Or, in years to come, will they meet in the middle and merge?

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The question here is: Will US domestic politics allow a president not to try to change the future state of things? For deacades now, the US has survived economically for one reason only, they are the biggest street robbers on the planet, the one with the biggest guns. Once their waning power and the growing strength of China threaten this seriously, the US will not have much of a choice other than pushing Japan into war with China. Right now would of course may be a bad time for this, as they are still "engaged" elsewhere. Simple intelligent reasonable thinking would tell them that this only postpones the inevitable, but then we are talking about americans here....

However the actual question was "As China enters new era, how much of Mao will stay?" What will stay, is the absolute power of the central committee of the communist party, the corrupt skirmishes of who will climb to the top there, those will of course go on. I am sure that will not even be seen as a problem, as it makes sure, that the most powerful one runs the show.

They know that the rest of the world's economy depends on them, they have studied their Karl Marx very well, so they understand economics better than anyone else. But, what will happen when their foreign politics clash with the US, no one can tell. Right now they seem only to be concerned with their directly surrounding ocean areas. Remember that Kennedy actually would actually have started a nuclear war agaianst Russia in that misslie crises in Cuba? The Chinese have lived for 60 years with US nuclear bombs in near by Japan without too much trouble. Agaian, should China start behaving like the US, then there will indeed be problems ahead, so let us hope they will remain a lot less stupid, than Japan's occupying country....

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One has to be naive d to think that something of Mao is still left in China's 'Communism with Chinese Characteristics'. When Deng Xiao-ping introduced 'To Be Rich is Glorious' (and not mentioning how to become rich) is the end of Mao's Thought. Chinese leaders without the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will have no legitimacy. It's more like committing a criminal act like 'rape' with the use of a 'condom' - it doesn't legalize an act which is crime in the first place. How would you ever call an economic policy of letting the invisible hand of the Market dictating and not the Communist philosophy of 'to each to his own ability and to each to his needs' . If you consider the hidden wealth of those leaders it's more like 'to each to his relative's fortune and to each in accordance to his own greed'.

As to the Republican policies in the US, the super rich will be protected from paying more tax while at the same time people like Donald Trump will be willing to throw away millions of dollars for something which is ridiculous. While they called themselves pro-life they don't want anyone to restrict them from owning guns and not allowing same sex marriage. How can same sex marriage leads to the need for abortion.? It's not just abortion that kills but guns also kill. I'm glad that some people still have their senses in not electing Mitt Romney.

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The party has been inching away from Mao since 1981 when it issued a pivotal historical resolution admitting that the revolutionary leader, who had been treated like a god during the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, had made some large mistakes.

You don't say...

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Political repression will stay. the rest will go. This is capitalism at its most cutthroat.

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According your post, China development model like a rapist without wearing condom. From 1978 to 2012, they lifted more than 200 millions out of poverty. It is also true that corruption is rampage and nepotism and injustice are also part of daily life. However comparing with Wall Street investment Gurus, their policies have some benefit to public. Such as job oppourtunities, unbanizing the rural people, and raising living standard of people.

I am more impressive about their semi capitalism under state regulation rather than out of control Western lassie fair market economy. Unbridled greedy and excessive risks taking model of reganormic theory is a failure. US is on the edge of fiscal cliff and EU is struggling with bailing out. Many of neigbours such as India, Cambodia, Myamar are following the China model with gradually opening the market with special economic zones. They are envy about China rapid development of last 30 years. It does not matter whether the nation is capitalist or socialist as far as it makes people get rich. To get rich is glorious means not asking bailout like Greece or Myanmar. Every nation have to work harder and displined for hunger of prosperity.

This year, Japan has written off 30 billions soft loan to Myanmar. It is a bad example for discouraging people not take responsibility and accountability. China is not perfect. However they have sustained their growth for more than 30years. Their philosophy is more related to the real world.

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Sure, the leaders in China have lifted millions of people out of poverty but also there are people (poor people) who have been robbed of their land. Isn't it the result of China's 'Compatilism' (neither Communist nor Capitalist). I'm sure that you're aware of the Chinese proverb 'ji quan sheng tian' (chicken and dogs also rises to heaven)?

That's part of the millions who have been lift out of poverty - when your son became a premier then you can be 2.7 million richer. The loans you are talking about has nothing to do with the people being irresponsible. It's China which helped the military regime to stay alive that the loan has incurred. It's because dealing with China that all the revenue that Myanmar has obtained from the sale of gas and other resources disappeared. Their philosophy is related to the real world where there's no 'right or wrong' if you can make a profit you may even sell your soul (I won't say their mother as some mothers could be millionaires) thus - to be rich is glorious. Tell that to Bo Xilai.

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TettoeAungNOV. 13, 2012 - 07:15AM JST

The loans you are talking about has nothing to do with the people being irresponsible. It's China which helped the military regime to stay alive that the loan has incurred. It's because dealing with China that all the revenue that Myanmar has obtained from the sale of gas and other resources disappeared.

What loans you are talking about? If you read my post again, I was referring about soft loans provided by Japan to Myanmar through OECD. I have worked in Rangoon International airport project as consultant back in 1986-87. If the project was completed by Japan Airport Consultant and Taisei Japanese building contractor, Myanmar will get the new airport which is similar to Singapore Changi Airport. China and Singapore also gave many aids to Myanmar too.

Japan will share the landing fee of Planes and toll fee of cars on free way to Airport. It is win win for Japan and Myanmar. Japan gave loans and technology to Myanmar. Myanmar will get the new infrastructure, employments and more visitors. Japan will get some return from investment. Therefore you can not blame any nation for providing loans to Myamar as economic development. That loans are better than charity hand outs which will morally corrupted people motivation and responsibility. Some EU nations are example. There is no free lunch in the real world.

When I was working for Airport Project, I noticed than Thanyin Bridge was built by PRC technology and development aid. I did not see China got the deal for exploration of natural resources. It is true PRC have some interest for Myanmar resources. However it is up to Myanmar for allowing them to explore or not. Myanmar has been economically sanctioned by west and capitals flow only come from China, Korea and SE Asian nations. The problem of Myanmar backwardness is xenophobic, anti reform philosophy and isolation. Japan was a first nation of Asia to open the economy to west in 19th Century. Before that Japan was also very backward like Myanmar right now. Without foreign investment and technology no nations will get advanced as mordenization.

Myanmar and Phillipines are very rich in natural resources. Sadly they are far behind of their Asian neighbors. For catching up them, they have to open the market and making deal for exploration of resources. In my opinion, nothing will last. Instead of letting people starve and unemployed, getting loans and joint venture with foreign nations will move forward for Myanmar. While Myanmar is resisting the reform with too much ideology, neighbors are rapidly reforming as advanced economies. Bo Xiliai is corrupted therefore he had to pay the price. Economic reforms like opening the windows. It will get the fresh air and sunlight. It will get also insects and dust. There are always two side of story. Risk and get rewards or stand still and keeping backwardness.

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