As China's clout grows, sea policy proves unfathomable

By John Ruwitch

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China ia swaggering bully with intentions to establish a hegemony in the east . . .

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Here we go again, It may be the opposite though; China is being bullied.

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Flowers. Really? China is being bullied? What planet do you live on and in what dimension? On this earth at this time and in this dimension it is China who has unreasonable expectations for Asia and the audacity to try to impose them on neighboring countries.

China is a plague state that will sooner or later lead the region to war if it does not learn to play nice with other nations.

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It's important that India was mentioned.

China's incursions into Indian terriories are more newsworthy than China's sense of entitlement to the Senkakus.

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China's lack of organization could lead to an accidental war. Those maoists really have no idea what they're doing.

What a messed up country.

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The United States Navy's mission: To maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

And people still don't get how the last five words is one of the primary reasons we are permanently forward deployed to Japan.

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China,please hear the voices of the international community..

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If someone from the Asean dare to hit back China's bullying by their force even though they lose, then china might think about that and stop trying to invade and expand its territories to Asean . Everyone is chicken at their own point, China is not exceptional, but if bullying for easy to gain then why not China does by easy way without paying any hard time . The Asean must show to China that China must pay the same price to them as same as one else must pay to china ss the one want China 's territory . In such China must pay by its human blood for its bullying and robbing others

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Still think China is being bullied from those countries which cozy up with the US. Isn't It time for China to stand up and take back what belong to China in the first place? This article tries to paint the picture that shows China to be the aggressor who lacks organization skills, and we all fall for it. We should see the big picture here, all these territorial disputes are really minor issues to China. There are bigger issues at stake here.

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"There are bigger issues at stake here."

Some people in Japan, Taiwan, Veitnam, Malasia, Brunei and the Philippines might disagree.

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"China does not even have the exact coordinates of its expansive claim in the area, making it quite difficult to determine where its claims begin and end," he said. "We have been asking them for their exact coordinates and they cannot present them to us."

The operative words here are "expansive claim." If the Chinese gave out the exact coordinates, they wouldn't be able to expand their claim beyond those coordinates. This shows that the Chinese are out to take as much as they can any way they can. From China's point of view, rules are for fools.

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Is this a Western popuganda article? It strongly sounds that way! Lets all gain up and rob China again.... pls read and learn history, its very important for a well rounded education.

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With the extinction of communism in the People's Republic of China, the governing regime needs an ideology to justify its hold on power and the only thing left to secure the people's accession is nationalism.

Just like Saudi Arabia's jihadist problem, the government is finding that it's useful to turn the subjected population's attention outward and distract it away from the regime's diminishing legitimacy as the rate in GDP growth inevitably declines.

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@Tiger_In_The_Hermitage Forget, the article and the commentaries.... Just look at the beginning :

"Imagine if the U.S. state of Hawaii passed a law allowing harbor police to board and seize foreign boats operating up to 1,000 km (600 miles) from Honolulu."

And no one starts screaming when he reads something as absurd as this....

As we all remember, the US invaded a whole country 12,000 km away from its closest shore, and they even knowingly lied about the actually non-existing reason they gave. They even were incompetent enough not to bring some weapons of mass destruction of their own to plant there, for "independent observers" to discover. (They will not make that mistake again, neither in Syria nor in Iran)...

So this article is the obvious typical US propaganda, which is permanently sent out by what is called "conservative think tanks" like US Heritage, or, Cato Foundation, and others. You should not take it seriously. Sadly newspapers print this stuff, as it comes at no cost....

To our blind co-commentators: Nowhere in this comment is there a single word saying that anything about China's politics is better than any other, yes?

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paulinusaDec. 12, 2012 - 09:35AM JST

Some people in Japan, Taiwan, Veitnam, Malasia, Brunei and the Philippines might disagree.

The bigger issue for most people in Japan, Taiwan, Veitnam, Malasia, Brunei and the Philippines is putting food on the table and paying the bills. It is a smaller issue for them.

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