As pandemic deepens, Trump cycles through targets to blame


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Whining, tantrums, excuses, lies, . . how did we wind up with this child?

American individualism, where the rights of the individual always trump (heh) the rights of the group.

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Whining, tantrums, excuses, lies, . . how did we wind up with this child?

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China's turning point with Corona virus seems to be its use of the Japanese drug, Favipiravir.

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Trump did indeed say that the virus would be gone by Easter; it is on tape. He also said that the pandemic was a hoax. He also said that he knew it was a pandemic before anyone else. He also said that scientists are on the verge on making a vaccine. The things he has got wrong, and more importantly, done wrong, are criminal in their outcome. Many thousands of people have died in this country because of his incompetence.

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The current occupant of the White House is all about the blame game ... and as he has been in reelection campaign mode since November 8, 2016, anything and everything goes.

As each day passes, he confirms he is not fit to be President of the United States of America (POTUS), and continues the spread of fake news, disinformation and misinformation to the detriment of the United States of America and the world.

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LudditeToday 03:55 pm JST

But Trump told us this would all be over by Easter.

No Trump said he would like to reopen the economy by Easter, then he admitted it doesn't look like the case.

At least he see's the fact that the longer the shut down the harder the restart.

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I think he could get a lot more done if he was competent.

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Trump could get a lot more done if the Dems would stop trying to make him look incompetent and stop asking for stupid things not related to Wuhan virus. He is doing the best job any American president could do. I doubt Obama could have done any better.

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But Trump told us this would all be over by Easter.

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Remember when Trump said of all the problems facing America, "I alone can fix it"? What happened to that guy? Seems like he's upset that no-one else is fixing his problems for him.

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Another day, another Trump bashing article. At least, this is correctly in the "opinions" section.

I am curious though.... has anyone ever seen an article with a different opinion here? Been here for a long time, I dont recall that. Talk about conformity.

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And his supporters continue to lap it all up and to support the man in the opinion polls.


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The leader gets to enjoy all the perks when the going's good but ultimately the buck stops with them when $#!+ hits the fan.

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Did Hillary get a mention?

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