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As R. Kelly outrage festers, will music embrace #MeToo?

By Maggy Donaldson

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Black on black crime is a problem but the article glosses over the fact that one reason it isn’t addressed is because white liberals don’t want to. It’s politically incorrect and inconvenient.

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white liberals don’t want to. It’s politically incorrect and inconvenient.

White liberals are not the ones in government doing nothing about it right now.

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If I like an artist's music, I'll listen to it.

This reminds me of the attempt to ban rock-and-roll in the 50s for it's "unsavory" origins, innuendos and characters.

R Kelly's really into sex. I don't care. If he's raped someone, then he should face his comeuppance in court. But don't tell me to mute R Kelly or anyone else.

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I don't need to be told to mute R Kelly by anyone.

It goes without saying.

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R. Kelly's female fans have a whole different idea entirely over what #metoo actually means.

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MeToo is pointless in the music industry because women happily lineup at every concert of every artist to get back into the green room, tour bus, hotel room. And it's not to shake hands and take a selfie. Don't believe me, go to any concert and see for your own eyes.
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