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As U.S. pulls back, China builds influence at U.N.

By Philippe Rater

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Disagree with the CCP and it’s off to re-education...

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I can readily understand the reluctance to not support many of the UN bodies but the US retreating is just what Beijing wants. Invest even double of what Beijing is doing. Fight the Chinese Communist Party head-on. Play their game and become better at it then they are.

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There are definitely consequences for putting an incompetent, corrupt, narcissist in the White House.

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As President Donald Trump announces a halt in World Health Organization funding, accusing it of kowtowing to China

Usually places like the WHO and U.N. kowtow to the US. Except when the US stopped funding it, then a vacuum existed and the country with the most money and support from other countries slipped in (China). Now these places are doing what they always did: kowtow to the country with the money.

Trump, as always, is cutting off the US’s nose to pump up his own ego.

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Putin getting trump elected continues to be the gift that keeps on giving dictators around the world because he trump wishes to be one too. The current US president's incompetences makes it easy for a more intelligent leader to swoop in and occupy the vacuum that the US once held on the world stage.

No one respects a country with a con artist in charge.

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There was and article on the economist questioning whether China was going to take the opportunity to take over the world stage.

It makes sense, if I was rutthless despot with an irrational fear of winnie the pooh I too would take advantage of the Chaos and discord thats happening in the west to try to grab as much market share and putting shills in IGO's and try to dislodge the U.S dollar as the world's currency.

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trump has zero idea what he is talking about. A multi failed business boy, trump employs the same ethics

running a country, with the same results.

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As U.S. pulls back, China builds influence at U.N.

It's both scary and out of a novel that not only is this headline true, China actually seems to be more of the adult in the room these days.

Unfortunately that adult is a strict disciplinarian with a quick back hand.

What a mess a small number of Americans have made of the world.

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The United States of America (U.S./USA) has been in an undeclared “state of emergency” since the 8th of November, 2016, also known as “.Another date that will live in infamy”.

Most retro decisions, including actions against bodies of the United Nations, are part and parcel of the mindless policies of the current occupant of the White House.

In the short, medium and long run, China, Russian and other nations will take advantage of the vacuum created by the lack of vision of this fraudster with a massive ego.

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