As world battles virus, governments under fire


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China, meanwhile is now offering help to Western countries after largely quelling the epidemic within its own borders, leaving a bitter taste for some who accuse Beijing of having withheld information at the start.

What's becoming pretty obvious now is that even if the Chinese Government had been completely transparent about this epidemic from the very beginning, it's a fair assumption that far too many governments in the so-called advanced economies would not have learned the lesson and would have followed their own roads to Perdition by refusing for far too long to take Covid-19 seriously and to use productively the small breathing-space they had in order to prepare for the inevitable appearance of the virus in their own countries.

China at least had the excuse of the coronavirus being a new and unknown quantity. No Government since then has had that excuse.

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Yes, the Chinese government could have done more at the beginning, and god knows how much they were covering up at the start, but by December, anyone who read the news knew something was going around, and the experts and politicians in the west should have voiced greater concern. Taiwan and HK suffered badly because of SARS and so they knew they had to get on top of things quickly. The west just thought it was another disease limited to the east.

And to make things worse, you have the two idiots in the photo as world leaders as well as the evil, disgusting Bolsonaro.

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The shut down can't continue for an extended period or the cure will be worse than the problem - Governments should have a cut off period so they can restart the economies, people cant hide forever.

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Profits before people, right? We can always make more people, but money is precious.

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