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Auschwitz anniversary a reminder of the danger of staying silent


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The world would still be silent if Auschwitz wasn't on the way from Russia to Berlin. Sad but true. Got to look out for yourself.

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Ronald S. Lauder told Reuters in an interview anti-Semitism had reached levels not seen since World War Two, driven by Islamist extremists using hatred of Jews as a way to attack Israel, and by far-right nationalists in Europe.


The message we need to carry away from the concentration camps and holocaust isn't that Jewish people alone should be protected from racism and discrimination, but that EVERYONE should be protected.

Yes, anti-Semitism is on the rise, but incidents in the U.S.A. show that racism against people of color is also on the rise, as is the persecution of moderate Muslims around the world, and closer to home Japan is rushing into another cycle of xenophobia and racism.

The bottom line here is that Mr. Lauder needs to stop being so selfish and self-centered. If he wants people to care about anti-Semitism then he should stop being so transparently self-serving.

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Shalom: My thoughts on this are, you can't kill us all.

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What you write is spot on - especially for the season of Peace and Goodwill to All Mankind.

Let's try and cool it on the racialism, whether it's fingering NK for the SONY hacking incident without proof, shooting off drones at "suspected" terrorists and slaughtering anyone else who happens to be in the area, children, etc., blaming China for being a threat. Cool it on the anti-Semitism, the anti-communism, the anti-black, anti-white, anti-Korean, anti-Arab, etc.

Force and prejudice create problems. The only solution is more communication and more understanding.

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The Holocaust is a stain on our collective conscience that is rightly commemorated.

There could be no fitter a tribute than an unconditional rejection of state-led ethnic violence.

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To ignore history is to repeat it. Each and everyone of us must condemn anti-Semitism, which, seems to attract the lowest common-denominator, amongst us. Those who perpetuate the BIG LIE against the Jews are, sadly, victims of ignorance, poverty and childhood brainwashing by illiterate parents who subscribe to the faulty teachings of the Koran, and/or, the likes of Hitler. Falling into the medieval mindset of an outdated ideology disguised as a religion is the glaring problem. The rise of radical-Islam has become a team-sport, of sorts. For many, disenfranchised, angry young men, this becomes an appealing chance to become inclusive., thereby, relevant. Being excepted into a group, putting a gun in their hands, brings comfort to their lack of self-worth. One day they were rebels without a cause, today, the bias media and the Internet has helped give them a cause, which, automatically gives them membership into the anti-Semitic club. We must do more to wake them up and help bring them into the 21st century, or, put them out of their misery. Israel will not tolerate another Holocaust. Neither, should we.

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The Auschwitz anniversary is a reminder of the dangers of our hubris.

We are no different than the Germans and the Poles who allowed their neighbors to be rounded up and murdered. We are still tribal, self-centered and capable of the worst callousness. Our callousness today allows to to ignore the poverty in our midst.

The only difference between the go-it-along German of 1945 and today's go-it-along American, or Japanese, or German is the state is more human, democratic, liberal and secular.

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"The message we need to carry away...isn't that Jewish people alone should be protected from racism and discrimination..."

That's why Israel's Constitution guarantees protection for ALL it citizens, regardless of religions or race, such as equal voting rights for Arabs.

Anyone concerned about human rights and persecution of minorities in that region should be focusing on Israel's neighbors, where the scale of human misery is about 1000 times worse.

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