Beijing wary of Obama's assertive China policy


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The U.S. has no need to wreck China;s relationship with it's neighbors as China does that very well on it's own through arrogance and bullying, an out of proportion nationalism, a rapdly expanding military and territorial agenda. The difference between Chinese hegemony in asia and U.S. strategic dominance is that our Asian allies want us there as they see Chinas as a threat. What country wants the Chinese PLA on their territory? Nobody. Not even teeth & lips North Korea,

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Everyone is afraid of China. Why? It will have its day and implode, breaking up into many fiefdoms like Europe used to be.

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Asians countries are expected to be docile and submissive. Assertive Asians are too threatening to the status quo.

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wrecking Beijing’s relations with its neighbors

What a load of crap. We all know that China has always been abusive when it comes to the contested islands ... wherever there is oil, China's claiming it as well. The only relations Beijing has with the other Southeast Asian countries is in trade, and I don't think the US can influence this in a "wrecking" manner.

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Why can't we all just be friends...

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Noting that China's understanding is that it should first negotiate with other countries to solve disputes, Global Times in its hard-hitting editorial said, "If these countries don't want to change their ways with China, they will need to prepare for the sounds of cannons."

Editorial from a CCP owned paper.

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President B. Obama cooked up this new posture in foreign diplomacy a few months before the election was basing on a calculated agenda to score points ?

Money may be one of the cards China is playing, missing money is all Obama gov't's fatal weakness. Hence, my guess is all these 'new' postures are meant for election campaign..he has hardly scored any significant points in foreign policy throughout the last few years, why now ?

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