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Being the U.S. VP -- hot seat or just spare seat?

By Sebastian Smith

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So, we wait for his VP selection, and Americans' response.

But not here.

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The VP presides over the senate and casts votes in the event that a tie-breaking vote is necessary. They also preside over joint sessions of Congress and are a statutory member of the National Security Council, and the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. Not back-breaking work but they often do have an impact on legislation.

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With the rapid disintegration ob Biden, in this case the VP becomes the presidential position.

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But what does a VP really do?

In Joes case, everything. Im still waiting on the debates, even if they are virtual.

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Joe Biden didn't matter when he was the Vice President and his pick for Vice President won't matter either.

Whoever he chooses we will be stuck with 2 Vice Presidents if he wins the election. Biden is certainly Not Presidential material!

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An Algorithm could run the country better than a Biden Presidency.

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This is a worthy subject. What qualities make for a good VP pick?

Someone who can help get the presidential candidate elected, perhaps someone from a swing state, or from a demographic that the candidate needs help with.

Someone who can help the president perform his duties once elected.

Someone who is qualified to step in to perform the duties of the president, if need be.

There have been a number of questionable choices for VP over the years, but after suffering through four years of the Trump, anything seems preferable.

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Regarding whether there should be presidential debates this time, I am on the side of no, there shouldn't be. Trump is a failed president, and there is no shame in Biden saying so. With his double-digit lead in the polls, Biden does not need to make up any ground. Joe could offer to meet with Trump if Trump first releases his tax returns, something he dares not do, not only for what it would show the electorate, but for what it will show the prosecutors.

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For Spiro Agnew it was the ejection seat! He plead guilty to a single count of tax evasion but he had been taking kick backs from Baltimore area contractors for many years, even as Vice President.

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Mr. Biden probably wants a VP who will be as closely aligned to his policies and also someone he can trust and confide in as he was as VP for President Obama. The most likely candidate would be Susan Rice since he worked with her daily on the National Security Council. But she has detractors who strongly dislike her for her previous policy stances on Rwanda and South Sudan, and some who still feel she misinformed Congress in the aftermath of the Bengazi bombing, although none of the several Congressional investigations of the bombing found any evidence of this. Kamala Harris, by comparison, has enemies on the left who see her as too close to the police. The rap on her is that as California Attorney General she protected cops accused of excessive use of force and thus prevented justice (not necessarily my view, but it is what is said about her by more liberal elements of the Democratic Party). Karen Bass has years of legislative experience in the California Legislature, including a stint as Speaker and is seen as someone who can work with the opposing party. But earlier in her life she was sympathetic to Fidel Castro and while that hasn't hurt her politically in California it would probably be poison in a national campaign. His best choice might be Tammy Duckworth. There is much to admire in her and not the least of which is her uncanny ability to come up with a stinging retort to her critics like telling Tucker Carson "Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America? or her famous "Cadet Bone Spurs" comment. Anyone who can hover a helicopter can't be all bad (I'm a helicopter pilot, lol,)

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Biden has my vote in the upcoming matchup, but I agree with Desert Tortoise that Kamala Harris and Tammy Duckworth would be strong running mates. Ms. Harris was my favorite for a while, until she went over board in her attacks on Joe. Ms. Duckworth looks very, very good so far, but I would like to know more about her. It is hard to believe that she is as perfect as she looks. Stacey Abrams of Georgia is impressive. Of course, just about anyone would be better than know-nothing Pence.

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Duckworth and Abrams don’t have a chance, Harris perhaps, but if Harris is the chosen VP she’s so toxic, she’s going to bring Biden down faster than a Tomahawk missile.

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