Best way to fight climate change? Plant a trillion trees


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Assuming seven billion on Earth, it's 140 per person. Just one example, but the onetreeplanted charity plants one tree for one US dollar. 140 dollars would not be much to pay for the privilege of being in an advanced country which has caused most of the historic CO2 emissions. One trillion USD would not be hard to raise, given the money spent on armies, wars, white elephant vanity projects (Olympic stadia etc), etc. Apple Inc. is supposedly worth this much.

I'm going to grow some seedlings from acorns and try and plant 140 myself. There is abandoned woodland just behind our home, so I'll rogue plant them up there. Our house is on a big plot, but not big enough for 140 trees.

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This is a solution that's been talked about for a while, and it would be great if it was implemented.

Unfortunately, planting trees does not turn a profit, so no chance it will be done.

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Planting trees is a good idea. It is also a good idea to stop cutting down the existing trees. Currently we humans are eliminating forests much more rapidly than we are planting them. Furthermore, the need for more trees would be less dire if we hadn't put so much carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

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Unfortunately, Brazil under President Bolsonaro is heading in the opposite direction with plans to expand its exploitation of the Amazon basin (dams, ranches, mining, etc). His reply: “The U.S. and the European Union say that the Amazon should be protected. But they destroyed all of their forests.” True. The only solution would be giving Brazil financial incentives to preserving them for our survival. Think of it as a life insurance payment. We already pay oil rich countries that we dislike to continue our addiction to convenient energy until / if we make the switch to more carbon free energy.

The price of ‘progress’ in the Amazon

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