Bezos, world's richest man, shows won't be pushed around


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Bezos is really pissed that his girlfriend gave compromising pictures of them to the Enquirer.

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If the Enquirer has been engaged in phone hacking, or other illegal activity, it is going to cost them huge sums; it might even put them out of business. Let's see what Bezos can find out.

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Bezos is really pissed that his girlfriend gave compromising pictures of them to the Enquirer.

probably not any more than Stormy describing Trumps little mushroom.

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Blackmail is dirty business by dirty people - the NE deserves to crash for this.

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The National Enquirer is run by a guy called Pecker? How appropriate.

No-one should be brought down by this kind of sleaze journalism. I think Bezos has done more for society in general with Amazon than the National Enquirer could ever do with its chosen field of operations.

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Bezos is really...

A giant compared to the fake billionaire Donald Trump. 100Billion vs. Trump who might not even have a billion in assets. Bezos is 100x richer (or more) than Trump. Also, Bezos created a real business unlike Trump University.

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The guy is sick in the head if he feels he needs to keep $131bn for himself. I do not begrudge anyone their wealth at all, especially if they made it all themselves but I find it hard to respect him because he shares such a small % of his wealth and, from what i hear, treats his staff like cr@p.

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There is speculation that this was done by his girlfriend's family member who has ties with the Right wing media. They got a hold of her phone, or she passed to them.

I like how Bezos flipped the script on his blackmailers. The funniest thing is the Enquirer folks had just got an immunity deal from Mueller. That might be in jeopardy now.

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I agree that Bezo should share a bit more of that EXTREMELY large wealth, but AMI, NE and Pecker need to be knocked down a peg or two. If it's proven that Pecker did do something naughty, he may not be immune to prosecution anymore. He never deserved it in the first place. Lock 'em all up. Throw the swamp creatures in jail.

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