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Bidding for next 2 World Cups turns into a circus


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It's time for a completely new organisation to run world football. Kick Blatter, FIFA and UEFA out for good. The sport should be run by supporters organisations and previous players of good standing. No more huge profits and ridiculous salaries based in tax-free Switzerland and it should be a non-profit organisation fully transparent with it's expenses and salaries and it should raise a lot of money for charity. Bring back the UEFA Cup, the European Cup Winners Cup and tone down the Champions League. It would also be time to bring video recalls into the game and get rid of that stupid new offside rule.

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But at FIFA, it appears that votes are still for sale.

as are refs.

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The bidding for all large sports events (Olympics, commonwealth games etc) is corrupt and farcical. Throw FIFA and Blatter into the mix and you have real comedy.

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Sep Blatter needs to go.

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“Never have I tried to corrupt anyone else and I am not corruptible,” Blatter said. “I can tell you that in the 26 years I have spent at FIFA, attempts have been made to bribe me or to influence me in some form ... but never ever have I bribed anyone and I cannot be bribed.”

Yeah right mr Blatter we believe ya.......... you only work with and employ corrupt people right?

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"Amazingly, the allegations have done little to tarnish the image of FIFA": that's because it is already known to be a corrupt organisation.

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I feel that the time is ripe to replace this organisation. It only needs someone to garner supporter backing and it will snowball for sure.

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When are the people who run American soccer teams going to get some, and play sudden-death after a 90 minute tie? Why do they have to follow FIFA's dictates, acting as if they come down from Mount Sinai or Mount Olympus?

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