Biden's optimism collides with mounting political challenges


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Biden’s meaningless phrases ‘restore the soul of America’ and his job is to ‘be confident’ mean JS!

Who does he think he is fooling?

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The Democrats got us into this situation...

Nope, it goes right to Trump. Yellen was tightening fiscal policy, ie, raising interest rates, from 2015 to 2018 from the Obama years to choke off emerging inflation.

But then Trump got "elected," and fired the cautious Yellen, replacing her with lapdog Powell. Trump loudly and publicly complained about high rates in 2017 until his appointee duly complied and dropped rates near zero, despite a hot economy. Now, the Fed is in a bind thanks to that history. It needs to tighten policy without creating a recession. Thanks, Trump.

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And not only that, Biden won bigly.

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I'll tell you what Biden has done, that Trump was never able to do: be the person people wanted to be president. Trump has never been the choice of The People, only of the politicians.

The Trumpets HATE that fact.

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One interesting observation was that Trump gave added impetus to the thing which sends the right into unbridled hysterics - the woke movement. Trump’s red meat to the morons making whooping noises at his rallies sent it into overdrive.

I listened to a terrorism expert recently, speaking on, wait for it, terrorism. Anyways, he pointed out two things I found quite interesting:

* Much extremism is a direct response to the other extreme. For example, antifa he said is left-wingers who escalate in direct response to right-wing extremism

* Far-right terrorism is by and far the most prevalent domestic terrorism, and no other domestic terrorism even comes remotely close.

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absolutely trounced him

Destroyed him. Took him to the cleaners.

Trump was a one-term failure.

One interesting observation was that Trump gave added impetus to the thing which sends the right into unbridled hysterics - the woke movement. Trump’s red meat to the morons making whooping noises at his rallies sent it into overdrive.

The next time the right are triggered by a pronoun, remember that the man who saw the Republicans lose the house and control of the senate as well as getting absolute hiding by sleepy Joe turbo-charged the woke crowd.

No wall either.

What a failure.

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In the fourth photo from left, Biden is discussing the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which strengthens the hand of US exporters against that of shippers. Too many times, a shipping company will choose to send back to Asia an empty container rather than loaded with fresh American produce or other products as it finds them not worth the effort. Among other stipulations, the Act requires shipping companies to explain returning empty containers if asked be waiting shippers.

This will be good for consumers in Japan and throughout Asia and good for American farmers and manufacturers. It is nuts-and-bolts stuff like this which is widening markets for America - not that it receives much attention, including in Japan Today.

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 Higher wages will turbo charge the inflation and strikes will cause even more problems.

No, higher wages for working people will generate greater prosperity, believe it not, (given that nearly three-quarters of US GDP is consumer spending.)

Low wages = bad for the economy. High wages = good for the economy.

Today's pro-globalization, neo-liberal ideology that believes otherwise is toxic for working people in the west, and they need to come together to smash it.

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Shows how totally out of touch he is. Still mystifies me that he managed to get elected. If not for hatred of Orange, it seemed impossible. And run again? He is out and out lying.

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Joe himself at his election victory speech said that there would be challenges and arguments and debates in the days ahead but that's alright because that's how democracy works - people working together and reaching compromises to make solutions, not some egotistical dictator sassybrat traitor acting like an arrogant tin god.

Whatever you may feel about Joe's policymaking and agenda, he's right and we all know it's true. His eight years as Obama's VP has given him the know-how and the experience has served him well. Because we have a human being in the WH again, that's what matters the most to me.

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Biden hasn't made any real impact on the US aside from free Covid cash and not being Trump. His own party is divided - if he satisfies the progressives, he alienates the majority of voters, so his powerbase is insecure.

Inflation is eating into an increasing percentage of American's disposable income and damaging trade. Higher wages will turbo charge the inflation and strikes will cause even more problems. Inflation is the biggest vote loser of all, and it is rampant. Interest rate hikes will not affect it, just causing additional problems for those with loans and mortgages.

Abortion rights, one of the jewels in the crown of post war Democrat politics, is under serious threat, on his watch.

America is further away from a green revolution than the rest of the G7, trade barriers and sanctions limiting progress - blocks on importing solar panels etc.

There is a new, large refugee/migrant convoy on the way.

Politicians (of both parties) are taking down the US tech sector for political reasons, despite it being the key driver of global US power and influence, being the engine of the US and global economy, and representing the American Dream 2.0 in the form of the start up.

Russia is coping with the sanctions. They are damaging the West more. Ukraine is not winning, and the US are running out of lendable military kit.

The legal pursuit of Trump has re-energised his supporters.

Afghanistan was a disaster - although Trump was party to it, it reached its sorry conclusion on his watch.

The Supreme Court will be Republican for a generation, so the future for the Democrats is potentially very bad indeed. At best their policies will be blocked. At worst, the Republicans can take both houses and the presidency as well, giving them a dictatorial level of control over the entire nation.

If Biden is feeling positive, his doctor may need to check his prescription.

Democrats need to wake up, understand how bad their situation is and try to retake some of the centre of American politics very quickly indeed, or they could be marginalised and wiped out at the next election. How many red flags do they need before they stop behaving like student activists and get serious about reclaiming the hearts and minds of a majority of the American people.

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