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Big Tech is now a big punching bag for politicians


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Blocking or suspending accounts for hate speech can prompt complaints of political bias or censorship, but a hands-off approach may be viewed as a free pass to politicians like Trump. speech by President Trump falls under the umbrella of hate speech? A biased viewpoint and slap in the face to half the US population who by inference are also haters. What in the world happened to media outlets being neutral publishers of news? No wonder media reporters like whoever wrote that line are so mistrusted by the people.

Regarding Big Tech, I agree with Dems proposals to break up the big tech giants. Good idea. They have too much power over the free flow of speech and information, generally have a negative effect on society and don't pay their fair share of taxes. It is not in the public's interests to allow this.

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From what I have seen so far, Facebook has done very, very little to clean up its act. If they cannot self-regulate, then breaking them up may be necessary.

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